Je peux pas aller au diable. J'ai plus de jours de congé.
- Mac Futal, après la Route Génocide

"Mac Futal" (vrai nom inconnu) (Burgerpants en anglais) est un employé qui travaille aux Galeries MTT-Lapaillette (MTT-Brand Burger Emporium en anglais), un fast-food localisé à l'intérieur de l'Hôtel MTT. Il est le dernier vendeur du jeu et vend les objets les plus chers.


Mac Futal est un monstre en forme de chat de couleur orange âgé de 19 ans. Il porte un chapeau avec la lettre M dessus, comme il travaille pour les Galeries MTT-Lapaillette . Son visage est particulièrement expressif en fonction des circonstances.


Mac Futal est un employé de service très stressé, qui déteste son travail et son employeur. Il mentionne qu'il voulait à la base devenir un acteur, probablement la raison pour laquelle il fait une myriade d'expressions faciales dramatiques. Il peut être sarcastique comme il peut être contrarié. Il maintient une vision cynique du monde et de son avenir, en particulier au sujet de ses interactions avec les gens attrayants. Malgré cela, il sait faire preuve d'un peu d'espoir. Il peut être en extase et affirmer ses opinions avec vigueur quand on parle de certains sujets, tel que les perspectives que lui ouvrirait la destruction de la barrière.


Article en vente
Starfait 60G Restaure 14 HP
Glamburger 120G Restaure 27 HP
Héros Légendaire 300G Restaure 40 HP + attaques augmentées durant un combat
Steak en forme de Tête de Mettaton 500G Restaure 60 HP


Le menu déroulant suivant peut contenir des spoilers.

Route Neutre et Route Vrai Pacifiste

  • Welcome to MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, home of the Glamburger.
  • Sparkle up your day (TM).
  • What can I do for you, little buddy? [If Talked To]


  • How can I help you, O customer? [While purchasing]
  • Thanksy! Have a FABU-FUL day!!! [On purchase]
  • So do you want it or not??? [Cancel purchase]
  • You don't have room. [Full inventory]
  • Take what you want, little buddy. [If talked to while purchasing]
  • Here you go, little buddy. [On purchase]


  • WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. [If clicked again]
  • [If Talked to]
    • Hmmm...
    • Why not try selling that to those two chicks in the alley?


  • I'm sorry, (Ha ha) it's against the rules to talk to customers who haven't bought anything.
  • [Talk]
    • What?
    • Why do you keep trying to talk to me?
    • I'll get in trouble if I get chummy with the customers.
    • Sorry.
    • ...
    • SO, I wanted to be an ACTOR.
  • [While in Talk]
    • Take it from me, little buddy.
  • [Life Advice]
    • I'm getting on in years, so let me give you some advice, little buddy.
    • You've still got time.
    • Don't live like me.
    • I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life.
  • [Romance Advice]
    • Listen.
    • I like you, little buddy.
    • So I'm gonna save you a lot of trouble.
    • Never interact with attractive people.
    • Unless you're "one of them," they're just gonna take advantage of you.
    • Like that time those two chicks asked me to sneak them some glamburgers.
    • And I, naive teenager that I was, said yes to them.
    • Bad idea.
  • [Glamburger Story]
    • So I went out to the alley to see those two ladies, and uh... you know, see what'd happen next.
    • ...
    • Then my boss, uh, saw me and asked me what I was doing.
    • I was so startled, the hamburgers in my pockets tumbled out onto the ground.
    • Not wanting to lose face, I scrambled to pick them up!
    • But, as I was leaning over, the weight of the remaining hamburgers...
    • ... caused my pants to fall down.
    • Then the girls laughed at me.
    • Everyone calls me Mac Futal now.
  • [Mettaton]
    • When I first came to Calciterre, it was my dream to work with Mettaton.
    • ...
    • Well, be careful what you wish for, little buddy!
  • [Why is Mettaton bad]
    • God, have you even looked around?
    • This place is a labyrinth of bad choices.
    • And every time we try to change something for the better, he vetoes it and says "that's not how they do it on the surface."
    • Oh! Right!
    • Humans are always eating hamburgers made of SEQUINS AND GLUE.
  • [Why else is MTT bad]
    • Why do people find him so attractive??
    • He's literally just a freaking rectangle.
    • ...
    • You know, one time, I bought one of those, uh, kits online... to...
    • Uh, make yourself more rectangular.
    • ...
    • They don't work.
  • [Your future]
    • Future?
    • WHAT future?
    • Nothing down here ever changes.
    • I'll probably be trapped at this stupid job forever.
    • ...
    • But wait!
    • There's one thing that keeps me going!
    • If ASGORE gets just one more SOUL, we'll finally get to go to the surface!
    • It'll be a brand new world!
    • There's gotta be a second chance out there for me!
    • For everyone!
    • So stay strong, little buddy.
    • When I make it big, I'll keep you in mind.
  • [Clarify Story] (Débloqué après avoir vu l'option "Mac Futal" chez Gatty et Catty mais pas "More Mac Futal")
    • Huh?
    • Yeah, those two vendors in back.
    • The girls.
    • NOT the Vendeur de Glace Gentilly.
    • He keeps coming in here and asking me stuffs like,
    • "Hey Burgy, what do you think of this joke for my next ice cream wrapper?"
    • Joke?
    • Why are you calling it a JOKE?
    • You drew a picture of two dudes hugging and wrote "I love hugs!" on it.
    • You somehow understand comedy EVEN LESS than that guy who keeps going on stage and crying about his family.
    • Anyway, I, uh, just tell him that they are good, because he gives me the nice cream for free afterward...
  • [Gatty et Catty] (Débloqué après avoir vu l'option "More Mac Futal" chez Gatty et Catty)
    • The girls were...
    • Talking about me... ?
    • They say I should stop acting like they owe me...
    • ...and if I want to be FRIENDS with them, I should just... uh, try to see things from their perspective?
    • Wow.
    • Poor, naive little buddy.
    • They've brainwashed you.
    • "Friendship" is just a hot person's way of making you their slave.
    • ...
    • So, uh, what time would they wanna hang out?
    • If talked to again Well?
    • Don't keep me waiting, little buddy!!
  • [Outing] (Débloqué après avoir vu "Clarify Story" et ensuite "B.pants Hangout?" chez Gatty et Catty, mais pas "That Kind of Guy")
    • Hey little buddy, wanna help me pick a spicy outfit for my little shindig later?
    • Though, now that I think about it, I had to throw away all of my clothes to make room for the outfits Mettaton gave me...
    • Don't take it the wrong way.
    • They're just all these...
    • Weird getups.
    • "Promotional" costumes.
    • For "holidays."
    • Or "specials."
    • Or "because he felt like it."
    • The thing IS though!
    • Most of the time I'm the only employee who has to wear this stuff!
    • Sometimes he even calls me into his office just to...
    • Make me put something on...
    • Then he laughs and lets me go back to work as normal.
    • Anyways, I won't sweat it, little buddy.
    • I'll take it casual.
    • NEVER let hot people think you care.
    • That's how they GET you.
  • [Catty's Invitation] (Débloqué après avoir vu "That Kind of Guy" chez Gatty et Catty)
    • They wanna hang out after work?
    • Ha! Ahahaha!! Yes!!!
    • I won't let you down!!
    • Little buddy... thank you.
    • You've brought a tear to the eye of this old man.
    • So, uh, where do they want to go?
    • ...
    • They want to hang out at the garbage dump.
    • ...
    • Well, nowhere to go but up, right, little buddy?
    • If talked to again Thank you, little buddy.

Post-Pacifist Dialogue

  • [Freedom]
    • So we're free, huh?
    • Mettaton told us as much.
    • Then he told me, "don't think that means you're getting out of work early."
    • Ah... my boss.
    • I love that guy.
    • And by that I mean I hate him so, so much.
  • [Gatty et Catty]
    • Those girls?
    • The ones who say my pants fall down?
    • Well, we're all gonna be free, so I'll never see them again, at least!
  • [Gatty et Catty] (if the player did the sub arc)
    • So we're free now.
    • Does that mean my double date is cancelled...?
    • ...
    • I know, it wasn't really a...
    • A date.
    • Here's a trick, little buddy:
    • Lie to yourself all the time.
    • It makes you feel better.
  • [Freedom]
    • Don't tell anybody this, Little Buddy.
    • (Because they'll make fun of me,)
    • But I...
    • I feel like I played a hand in everyone getting free somehow.
    • Even if it was just working this awful job...
    • I think I did something!
    • I don't know if it's true, but I'll believe it anyway!
  • [Future]
    • Little buddy!
    • There's a brand new world out there waiting for us.
    • I'm sure with my (ahem) qualifications, it won't be long before I'm a famous movie star...
    • Or, maybe I'll just end up flipping burgers again.
    • But, it's as I say!
    • Nowhere to go but up!
    • Literally, in this case!

Route Génocide

    • (Why do I always get the freaks?)



  • Are you gonna order or what? [While purchasing]
  • Here you go, little weirdo. [On purchase]


  • Ah. Yes
  • I really want to buy your weird dusty artifacts...
  • NOT.


  • Nothing else to do!
  • [Evacuation]
    • Evacuation?
    • You're yanking my chain, little weirdo.
    • So WHAT if everybody else left work?
    • So WHAT if nobody's buying anything?
    • Par for the course, little weirdo.
    • Par for the course.
  • [Mettaton]
    • Well, Mettaton didn't tell me I HAD to work, I guess...
    • But that's the thing!
    • Sometimes he doesn't even call me into work until halfway into my shift!
    • If I don't play it safe, he's going to yell at me.
    • Okay, maybe "yell" is the wrong term.
    • It's more like he has this...
    • CD album he plays...
    • That's entirely full of songs about how bad I am at my job.
  • [Alone]
    • Huh?
    • Everyone else is DEAD?
    • ...
    • Does that mean I don't have to work today?
    • God.
    • That it were true, little weirdo.
    • That it were true.
  • [Threaten]
    • Sorry, little weirdo.
    • Threats won't work on me.
    • I can't go to hell.
    • I'm all out of vacation days.


  • Alone again...


Artwork Officiel




Concept art de Mac Futal

Concept Art for Burgerpants

  • Lorsque le nom de l'humain tombé est "MFutal", la réponse devient "Tu touches vraiment le fond là."
  • La musique du restaurant dans le MTT Burger Emporium est ralentie de 0.7, même dans la Route Vrai Pacifiste.
  • Le "M" de son chapeau change selon ses expressions.
  • Mac Futal est l'un des rares personnages qui correspondent très étroitement à leur concept art d'origine.
  • C'est le seul vendeur du jeu qui ne vend pas d'armes ni d'armures.

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