Le Téléphone de Toriel est un Téléphone que le protagoniste acquiert au début de son aventure avec Toriel. Il peut accéder à un menu de sujets de conversations en appelant Toriel.

Depuis ce menu, le protagoniste peut dire bonjour, poser des questions à Toriel, appeler Toriel "maman", flirter avec elle ou demander de l'aide à propos d'un puzzle.

Après que le protagoniste quitte les Ruines, Toriel ne répondra à aucun message jusqu'à la fin de la Route Vrai Pacifiste.

Il est a noter que le téléphone de Toriel est ancien et ne peut pas afficher d'images ASCII, et n'as pas accès à UnderNet. Alphys dit aussi que c'est un ancien et offrira une mise a jour pour résoudre ce problème.



Dialogue de Toriel si on lui Téléphone

Sujets de conversations

[Dire bonjour]

  • Appel en cours...
  • TORIEL à l'appareil.
  • Tu voulais me dire bonjour...?
  • Eh bien...
  • "Bonjour !"
  • J'espère que ça te convient
  • Hihi
  • Clic...

[Dire bonjour 2éme fois]

  • Appel en cours...
  • TORIEL à l'appareil.
  • Tu souhaites encore me dire bonjour ?
  • Salutations!
  • Est-ce suffisant ?
  • Clic...

[Dire bonjour, 3éme fois]

  • Appel en cours...
  • Dring..
  • TORIEL à l'appareil?
  • Tu t'ennuies?
  • J'aurais dû te donner un livre.
  • Toutes mes excuses.
  • Pourquoi ne pas marcher ton imagination pour te distraire ?
  • Fais comme si tu étais...
  • Un monarque !
  • Règne sur le tas de feuilles d'une main de fer.
  • Tu peux faire ça pour moi?
  • Clic...

[Dire bonjour, 4ème fois]

  • Appel en cours...
  • TORIEL à l'appareil.
  • Bonjour, mon enfant.
  • Désolée, je n'ai pas grand-chose à dire.
  • Mais c'était agréable de t'entendre.
  • Clic...


Le menu déroulant suivant peut contenir des spoilers.

Conversation topics

[Say hello]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • You wanted to say hello...?
  • Well then...
  • 'Hello !'
  • I hope that suffices.
  • Hee hee.

[Say hello; 2nd time]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • You wanted to say hello again ?
  • 'Salutations!'
  • Is that enough ?

[Say hello; 3rd time]

  • This is TORIEL
  • Are you bored?
  • I should have given a book to you.
  • My apologies.
  • Why not use your imagination to divert yourself ?
  • Pretend you are...
  • A monarch !
  • Rule over the leaf pile with a fist of iron.
  • Can you do that for me ?
  • Clic...

[Say hello; 4th time]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • Hello, my child.
  • Sorry, I do not have much to say.
  • It was nice to hear your voice, though.

[About Yourself]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • You want to know more about me?
  • Well, I am afraid there is not much to say.
  • I am just a silly little lady who worries too much!

[Call Her Mom]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • Huh?
  • Did you just call me... "Mom"?
  • Well...
  • I suppose...
  • Would that make you happy?
  • To call me...
  • "Mother?"
  • Well then, call me whatever you like!"


  • ... huh???
  • Oh, heh.. heh...
  • Ha ha ha!
  • How adorable... I could pinch your cheek!
  • You can certainly find better than an old woman like me.

[Flirt; 2nd Time]

  • Oh dear, are you serious...?
  • I do not know if this is pathetic, or endearing.

[Flirt; After Calling Her Mom]

  • Oh dear, are you serious...?
  • You want to call me that even after you called me "mother..."
  • You are an... ...'interesting' child.

[Puzzle Help]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • Help with a puzzle...?
  • Um, you have not left the room, have you?
  • Wait patiently for me and we can solve it together!

Waiting for Toriel

[Waiting Five Minutes]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • My errands are taking longer than I thought they would.
  • You must wait 5 more minutes.
  • Thank you for being patient.

[Waiting Five More Minutes]

  • This is TORIEL.
  • I found what I was looking for.
  • But before I could take it...
  • A small, white puppy snatched it away.
  • How odd.
  • Do dogs even LIKE flour?
  • Err, that is an unrelated question, of course.
  • It will take a little longer.
  • Please understand.

[Waiting Another Five Minutes]

  • (...)
  • (You hear heavy panting on the other end of the phone...)
  • (...)
  • Bark!
  • Bark!
  • Bark...
  • Bark!
  • (You hear a distant voice.)
  • Stop, please!
  • Come back here with my CELLPHONE!

[Waiting Five Minutes Again]

  • (...)
  • (Snore... snore...)
  • (It sounds like a small, white dog is sleeping on the cell phone.)
  • (You hear a distant voice.)
  • Helloooo?
  • Little puppy...?
  • Where are you...?
  • I will give you a nice pat on the head!
  • (The snoring stops.)
  • ... if you return my CELLPHONE.
  • (The snoring resumes.)

[Waiting Five Additional Minutes]

  • (...)
  • (Snore... snore...)
  • (Achoo!)
  • (It sounds like a small, white dog sneezing in its sleep.)
  • (You hear a distant voice.)
  • Here, pup-pup-puppy!
  • Oh dear, I should not keep my guest waiting any longer.
  • ... Oh no, how long has it been since I have talked to them...?
  • Perhaps they have been calling the phone, and...?
  • ... here, puppy!

[Continuing to Wait for Five Minutes]

  • (...)
  • (Snore... snore...)
  • (Yawn...)
  • (Blink blink.)
  • (You hear a tired voice.)
  • Doggie..
  • Here, doggie...
  • Oh dear...
  • I do wonder how they are...

[Waiting for the Last Five Minutes]

  • (Snore... snore...)

Leaving the Room

[Leaving the Room]

  • Hello.
  • This is TORIEL.
  • You have not left the room, have you?
  • There are a few puzzles ahead that I have yet to explain.
  • It would be dangerous to try to solve them yourself.
  • Be good, alright?

[Leaving the Room if the Chien Pénible stole her CELL PHONE]

  • Hello? Hello?
  • This is TORIEL.
  • My apologies.
  • A strange dog kidnapped my phone.
  • So if you called, I could not have helped you.
  • However, I have recovered it.
  • And you are still in that room, are you not?
  • What a good child you are.
  • There are a few puzzles ahead that I have yet to explain.
  • Be good, alright?


[Calling Toriel Right in Front of Her]

  • Hey, you silly child.
  • If you want to talk to me, I am right here.

Beyond the Ruines

Le menu déroulant suivant peut contenir des spoilers.

[Toriel Alive]

  • Dialing...
  • ...
  • Nobody picked up.

[Toriel Killed]

  • Dialing...
  • ...
  • But nobody came.

True Pacifist Ending


* Mon enfant, il serait plus juste pour toi de ne pas regarder ce contenu tant que tu n'as pas terminé le jeu, car il est rempli de SPOILERS .

* Sois sage, d'accord ?

Le menu déroulant suivant peut contenir des spoilers.

[Every message]

  • (Toriel sent you a message.)

[1st message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • Sans and Alphys are teaching me how to text!
  • They showed me something called "emoticons".
  • ]:)
  • Now turn your head to the left. See?
  • It's me, smiling at you!
  • L-O-L (That stands for Lots of Laughter!)
  • That's all for now.
  • Sincerely, Toriel

[2nd message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • How are you?
  • You have been wandering around for quite some time now.
  • I hope you are not getting into trouble.
  • Only kidding. L-O-L!
  • Sincerly, Toriel
  • PS - Do not get into trouble.

[3rd message]

  • Excuse me,
  • I did not mean to write "sincerly".
  • I meant to say "sincerely".
  • It is difficult to use this with large hands.
  • Perhaps I should ask Sans to transcribe for me.

[4th message]

  • Sans will be typing from now on.

[5th message]

  • hey frisk.
  • it's torrrrrieellll
  • i just baked 1000000 pies.
  • do you want any?
  • make sure to brush your teeth before crossing the street, frisk.

[6th message]

  • I did not say any of that.

[7th message]

  • Greetings.
  • This is Sans.
  • I love my brother very much.
  • help im being slandered

[8th message]

  • This is Sans.
  • Frisk, did you know that I love to "get owned"?
  • I also think Toriel is very good and fhfjkehfeaufsisf
  • Excuse me
  • .

[9th message]

  • (Toriel sent you a message titled "Cat Video".)
  • (Inside, she meticulously describes a video she saw of a small, white animal.)
  • (There is no link or attachment to watch it.)

[10th message]

  • Fwd: send this 2 some1 u care about... or a skeleton will rattle his bones at u!

[11th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • Thought you might enjoy this.
  • ]:)
  • (It's ASCII art of a snail.)

[12th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • Undyne and Papyrus want to cook something together with me.
  • Sans is telling me they are excellent chefs.
  • I am excited. ]:)
  • Maybe if you are lucky, you can have some!

[13th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • If Sans and I started a band, do you know what we could call it?
  • "Dreemurr and Femur"
  • L-O-L!
  • PS - That is only a joke.
  • Do not refer to me as Dreemurr.

[14th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • Undyne is very strong.
  • Papyrus made a bet with her that she could not lift everyone here up.
  • She could. The only trouble is she did not know how to put everyone down.

[15th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • Alphys is telling me many interesting facts about the human world.
  • Quite a few of them are wrong, though.
  • Frisk, you did not tell her anything funny, did you?
  • ]:)

[16th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • I heard that using a computer for too long is bad for you.
  • However, I have not seen you use the computer at all.
  • You must be very healthy!
  • How nice.

[17th message]

  • Dear Frisk,
  • I think I may have to turn off the phone for now.
  • Your friends are all very lovely people!
  • I think I will spend this time getting to know them better.
  • Be good, alright?
  • Sincerely, Toriel.

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