{part 1: aus.}

ink- ....

ink-.....are expanding...

ink-more and more......

[new universe appears]


[the universe shows a small window into it]


ink-i will enter

​​[ink pulls your brush]

[he throws some paint on the floor so opening a portal there]

[and enter the portal]

[so he is in the universe.]

[he sees that the universe is kind of corrupted]


[3rr0r seeing everything from afar]

ink​​​​​​- I need to save this unive-

[3rr0r appears holding ink on his wires]

3rr0r- hehehehe

ink- ...

3rr0r- do you think you can save this?

[someone appears]

ink&3rr0r- ?

???- stop you two

3rr0r- what are you gonna do if i don't want to?

[says 3rr0r winking at the stranger]


???- i will kill you


3rr0r- i thnk not

[he says with his eye shining]

-{(well I hope you enjoyed it, I think part 2 is still out today)}-

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