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For the character this track is named after, see Alphys.

I'm Dr. Alphys.
I'm ASGORE's royal scientist!


Alphys is the 48th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays in Alphys's Lab, and at 0.75 during her date after she comes out from behind the trashcan, and then at a fast speed when she freaks about her love for Undyne towards the end of the date.

The song is written in somewhat of a confusing time signature. Most of the song is in 6/8 time with intermittent bars of 5/4. The last section of the song is also entirely in 5/4 time. It should be noted that Here We Are is also in the equivalent time signature, 10/8.


  • There is an alternate version of Alphys's theme, but it was scrapped due to similarities to another lab song.