The wooshing sound of steam and cogs... it fills you with determination.

SAVE Point in Hotland

Another Medium is the 51st track in the Undertale Soundtrack. This atmospheric techno track plays while traversing the majority of Hotland.

In the Genocide Route, this track is slowed down by about half of its original speed like the majority of the songs during a Genocide Route.



  1. patient not gonna use this for anything - Toby Fox. October 9, 2012. Tumblr.
  2. This song - a piece of which would later inspire Another Medium from UNDERTALE - was based off of Doctor by George Buzinkai, who just passed away. Doctor was my favorite song from Homestuck and my remix of it was a turning point for me as a musician. Rest in peace. - Toby Fox. November 5, 2018. Tumblr.
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