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Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright?
That's the best you can strive for.

Asriel, in the epilogue.

Asriel Dreemurr (typically /ˈæzriəl ˈdɹiːmər/) is the biological child of Toriel and Asgore and the adoptive brother of the first human. He serves as the final boss of the True Pacifist Route, replacing Asgore in New Home. Despite his late introduction, his presence as Flowey as well as in Undertale's backstory makes him a major character.



Asriel is a Boss Monster with white fur, long ears, a snout, and a set of visible fangs. In his child form, he lacks horns and has a small tuft of fur atop his head, unlike his parents. He wears a green long-sleeved shirt with yellow stripes and black pants, similar to the first human's clothing.

God of Hyperdeath[]

This form is named directly in the game. During much of his battle, the "Check" option labels Asriel as "The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!" In this state, in contrast to his child form, Asriel has black sclerae with white slit pupils, longer fangs, a pair of horns, and black markings on the sides of his face. He wears a long robe with white sleeves and the Delta Rune symbol, akin to Toriel's robe, as well as a large collar with shoulder pads. He also wears a locket similar to the Heart Locket.

Final Form[]

Asriel's body becomes more geometric, his horns are longer, his claws get sharper, and his teeth get sharper. He has a pair of wings that continuously change color, and his lower body becomes sharp and heart-shaped.

While this form is not directly named, it resembles the Delta Rune, which looks like the "Angel of Death" from the prophecy.


Before his death, Asriel was a docile, loving, and gentle child. Asriel was compassionate, as he helped the injured fallen human despite The War of Humans and Monsters. In the VHS Tapes, Asriel's dialogue implied he highly trusted the fallen human, as they continued their plan to break the Barrier to free monsterkind.[1]

As Flowey, he lacks a SOUL and becomes incapable of feeling love. This saddens him initially, as he blames himself for his fate.[2] Eventually, he became resentful and murderous.[3]

After temporarily regaining his compassion, Asriel regrets adopting the "kill or be killed" philosophy and apologizes for his actions to the protagonist, understanding that they may not forgive him.[4]

Main Story[]

Asriel Dreemurr screenshot cutscene

Asriel prior to the events of Undertale.

Before the events of Undertale, Asriel was the prince of monsters in the Underground. In the Ruins, Asriel finds the fallen human, who was the first human to fall into the Underground. After bringing them to his parents, the fallen human became Asriel's adoptive sibling and best friend. It is implied through the VHS Tapes that the two eventually began a plan to break the Barrier and free monsterkind.[1] When the fallen human became ill, Asriel absorbed their SOUL to fufill their wish, which was to see the Golden Flowers at their village on the Surface. With their shared SOUL and form,[5] the fallen human carried their own body across the Barrier to their home village.[6]

The villagers assumed Asriel had killed the human child and in response, they attacked him. Asriel fled the village, refusing to fight back. Upon his return to the Underground, he died from his lethal injuries and turned to dust, which spread across the garden in New Home.

Flowey battle talk

Asriel in his soulless form (Flowey)

Later, during the determination experiments, Alphys injected determination into one of the garden's Golden Flowers — the first one to bloom after Asriel's death.[7] Initial experiments on the flower vessel proved unsuccessful, and Alphys returned it to Asgore.[8] Not long after being replanted, Asriel awoke within the garden, reincarnated as Flowey.

Though the injection of determination granted Flowey the will to live, he soon found that neither his mother nor father could elicit any emotional response from him.[9] He did not have a SOUL and thus could not feel love, joy, or compassion, which eventually turned him murderous.

Neutral Route[]

It sounds like it came from over here...
Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you...
Are you okay?
Here, get up...
<Name>, huh?
That's a nice name.
My name is


Asriel does not appear in person during a Neutral Route.

However, when the protagonist falls into the Garbage Dump, they hear Asriel's sound bite during a memory from his human sibling.[10] Monsters also tell the story of Asriel and the first human during the walk in New Home.

The Story of Asriel and The First Human
This is the story told by monsters at the end of a Neutral Route. The song "Undertale" plays during this sequence.

  • [Froggit A] A long time ago, a human fell into the RUINS.
  • [Froggit B] Injured by its fall, the human called out for help.
  • [Whimsun A] ASRIEL, the king's son, heard the human's call.
  • [Whimsun B] He brought the human back to the castle.
  • [Moldsmal A] Over time, ASRIEL and the human became like siblings.
  • [Moldsmal B] The King and Queen treated the human child as their own.
  • [Moldsmal C] The underground was full of hope.
  • [Migosp A] Then... One day...
  • [Migosp B] The human became very ill.
  • [Vegetoid A] The sick human had only one request.
  • [Vegetoid B] To see the flowers from their village.
  • [Vegetoid C] But there was nothing we could do.
  • [Loox A] The next day.
  • [Loox B] The next day.
  • [Loox A] ...
  • [Loox B] The human died.
  • [Snowdrake A] ASRIEL, wracked with grief, absorbed the human's SOUL.
  • [Snowdrake B] He transformed into a being with incredible power.
  • [Icecap A] With the human SOUL, ASRIEL crossed through the barrier.
  • [Icecap B] He carried the human's body into the sunset.
  • [Icecap C] Back to the village of the humans.
  • [Woshua A] ASRIEL reached the center of the village.
  • [Woshua B] There, he found a bed of golden flowers.
  • [Woshua C] He carried the human onto it.
  • [Shyren A] Suddenly, screams rang out.
  • [Shyren B] The villagers saw ASRIEL holding the human's body.
  • [Shyren C] They thought that he had killed the child.
  • [Dummy A] The humans attacked him with everything they had.
  • [Dummy B] He was struck with blow after blow.
  • [Dummy C] ASRIEL had the power to destroy them all.
  • [Knight Knight] But...
  • [Madjick] ASRIEL did not fight back.
  • [Knight Knight] Clutching the human...
  • [Madjick] ASRIEL smiled, and walked away.
  • [Final Froggit A] Wounded, ASRIEL stumbled home.
  • [Final Froggit B] He entered the castle and collapsed.
  • [Final Froggit C] His dust spread across the garden.
  • [Whimsalot A] The kingdom fell into despair.
  • [Whimsalot B] The king and queen had lost two children in one night.
  • [Whimsalot C] The humans had once again taken everything from us.
  • [Astigmatism A] The king decided it was time to end our suffering.
  • [Astigmatism B] Every human who falls down here must die.
  • [Astigmatism C] With enough souls, we can shatter the barrier forever.
  • [Loox] It's not long now.
  • [Moldsmal] King ASGORE will let us go.
  • [Loox] King ASGORE will give us hope.
  • [Migosp] King ASGORE will save us all.
  • [Pyrope] You should be smiling, too.
  • [Vulkin A] Aren't you excited?
  • [Vulkin B] Aren't you happy?
  • [Froggit] You're going to be free.

True Pacifist Route[]

Flowey screenshot captured monsters

The protagonist's friends, ensnared in vines. One of the vines in the background is a Photoshop Flowey asset.

You're going to do a great job, OK?
No matter what you do.
Everyone will be there for you, okay?
Well... My time's running out.


In the True Lab, the protagonist discovers that the first human and Asriel had worked together on a plan to get to the Surface and retrieve six human SOULs. While the human was on their deathbed, Asriel informed them he did not think it was a good plan anymore; ultimately, this leads to him betraying his sibling and aborting their plan.[11]

After restoring the elevator's power, the protagonist receives a phone call from someone whose voice they have never heard before; the sound bite is similar to Asriel's.

After Flowey absorbs the six human SOULs and most of the monster SOULs, he transforms into Asriel.

Asriel greets the protagonist as <Name> before he transforms into "ASRIEL DREEMURR, God of Hyperdeath." He informs the protagonist that he does not care about destroying the world anymore, and instead just wants to reset the timeline so that everything unfolds again from the beginning.[12] Asriel believes that the protagonist will continue even if he resets the timeline because they want a "happy" ending.[13]

He then says that his first form is just a fraction of his real power[14] and transforms into his final form. Asriel reasserts that the protagonist will die in a world where nobody remembers them as their physical body fails them.[15]

The protagonist calls to the Lost Souls inside of Asriel's SOUL and reminds them that they are friends with the protagonist. After all Lost Souls regain their memories, the protagonist realizes that someone else needs saving. The protagonist calls their name, and a few sepia tone pictures display. The pictures are of Asriel and his sibling together when the human first fell into the Underground.

Asriel Dreemurr overworld crying

Asriel crying after he transforms back into a child.

Asriel begins crying and reverts to his original form. After finding out that the protagonist's name is "Frisk," Asriel tells them that the monsters really love them[16] and apologizes for his actions.[17] He then breaks the barrier with the power of the SOULs.

He tells Frisk that he has to go; Frisk has the option to hug Asriel and comfort him before he leaves. As he walks away, Asriel tells Frisk to take care of his parents for him.[18]


Asriel can be found at the flowerbed in the Ruins. Frisk only encounters him immediately after his boss fight; if the player watches the True Pacifist Ending Credits and reloads the game, Asriel does not appear. Asriel speaks extensively to Frisk and offers them a new philosophy contrasting his previous one: "Don't kill, and don't be killed." He also mentions to be careful on the surface because "There are a lot of Floweys out there."

Asriel makes a brief appearance in the credits in his God of Hyperdeath form and reminds the player that they are not over yet. Reverting to his child form, he begins the "Special Thanks" portion of the credits. After the credits sequence, when reopening the game, Asriel returns as Flowey and begs <Name> to "Let [Frisk] go" and allow everyone to live their lives. It is unclear if he is talking to the first human or to the player.

Asriel's Epilogue Dialogue
  • Don't worry about me.
  • Someone has to take care of these flowers.
  • Frisk, please leave me alone.
  • I can't come back. I just can't, OK?
  • I don't want to break their hearts all over again.
  • It's better if they never see me.
  • ... why are you still here?
  • Are you trying to keep me company?
  • Frisk...
  • ...
  • Hey.
  • Let me ask you a question.
  • Frisk... Why did you come here?
  • Everyone knows the legend, right...?
  • "Travellers who climb Mt. Ebott are said to disappear."
  • ...
  • Frisk.
  • Why would you ever climb a mountain like that?
  • Was it foolishness?
  • Was it fate?
  • Or was it... Because you...?
  • Well.
  • Only you know the answer, don't you...?
  • I know why <Name> climbed the mountain.
  • It wasn't for a very happy reason.
  • Frisk. I'll be honest with you.
  • <Name> hated humanity.
  • Why they did, they never talked about it.
  • But they felt very strongly about that.
  • Frisk... You really ARE different from <Name>.
  • In fact, though you have similar, uh, fashion choices...
  • I don't know why I ever acted like you were the same person.
  • Maybe... The truth is...
  • <Name> wasn't really the greatest person.
  • While, Frisk...
  • You're the type of friend I wish I always had.
  • So maybe I was kind of projecting a little bit.
  • Let's be honest. I did some weird stuff as a flower.
  • There's one last thing I feel like I should tell you.
  • Frisk, when <Name> and I combined our SOULs together...
  • The control over our body was actually split between us.
  • They were the one that picked up their own empty body.
  • And then, when we got to the village...
  • They were the one that wanted to...
  • ... to use our full power.
  • I was the one that resisted.
  • And then, because of me, we...
  • Well, that's why I ended up a flower.
  • Frisk...
  • This whole time, I've blamed myself for that decision.
  • That's why I adopted that horrible view of the world.
  • "Kill or be killed."
  • But now... After meeting you...
  • Frisk, I don't regret that decision anymore.
  • I did the right thing.
  • If I killed those humans...
  • We would have had to wage war against all of humanity.
  • And in the end, everyone went free, right?
  • I still feel kind of sad knowing how long it took...
  • ... so maybe it wasn't a perfect decision.
  • But you can't regret hard choices your whole life, right?
  • Well, not that I have much of a life left.
  • But that's besides the point.
  • Frisk, thank you for listening to me.
  • You should really go be with your friends now, OK?
  • Oh, and, please...
  • In the future, if you uh, see me...
  • Don't think of it as me, OK?
  • I just want you to remember me like this.
  • Someone that was your friend for a little while.
  • Oh, and Frisk...
  • Be careful in the outside world, OK?
  • Despite what everyone thinks, it's not as nice as it is here.
  • There are a lot of Floweys out there.
  • And not everything can be resolved by just being nice.
  • Frisk...
  • Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright?
  • That's the best you can strive for.
  • Well, see you.
  • Frisk...
  • Don't you have anything better to do?
Flowey's Post Pacifist Dialogue
  • Hi.
  • Seems as if everyone is perfectly happy.
  • Monsters have returned to the surface.
  • Peace and prosperity will rule across the land.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • There's nothing left to worry about.
  • ...
  • Well.
  • There is one thing.
  • One last threat.
  • One being with the power to erase EVERYTHING...
  • Everything everyone's worked so hard for.
  • ...
  • You know who I'm talking about, don't you?
  • That's right.
  • I'm talking about YOU.
  • YOU still have the power to reset everything.
  • Toriel, Sans, Asgore, Alphys, Papyrus, Undyne...
  • If you so choose...
  • Everyone will be ripped from this timeline...
  • ... and sent back before all of this ever happened.
  • Nobody will remember anything.
  • You'll be able to do whatever you want.
  • ...
  • That power.
  • I know that power.
  • That's the power you were fighting to stop, wasn't it?
  • The power that I wanted to use.
  • But now, the idea of resetting everything...
  • I...
  • I don't think I could do it all again.
  • Not after that.
  • ...
  • So, please.
  • Just let them go.
  • Let Frisk be happy.
  • Let Frisk live their life.
  • ...
  • But.
  • If I can't change your mind.
  • If you DO end up erasing everything...
  • ...
  • You have to erase my memories, too.
  • ...
  • I'm sorry.
  • You've probably heard this a hundred times already, haven't you...?
  • ...
  • Well, that's all.
  • See you later...
  • <Name>.

Genocide Route[]

Please don't kill me.


After the protagonist kills Toriel, Flowey tells them that they are not really human,[19] and starts mistaking them for the first child, telling them that they are still inseparable after all those years.[20]

Flowey battle mimicking Asriel

Flowey mimics Asriel before begging for mercy.

When the protagonist reaches New Home, Flowey welcomes them and discusses his backstory as a flower and how he discovered his ability to SAVE. Near the end of his dialogue, he realizes that the protagonist will not hesitate to kill him, and he is frightened for his life. He rescinds his previous plans with the protagonist and tells them to leave him alone.

Flowey's Genocide Route Dialogue
  • Howdy, <Name>!
  • You finally made it home.
  • Remember when we used to play here?
  • Hee hee hee...
  • Boy!
  • Today's gonna be just as fun.
  • I remember when I first woke up here, in the garden.
  • I was so scared.
  • I couldn't feel my arms or my legs...
  • My entire body had turned into a flower!
  • "Mom! Dad! Somebody help me!" I called out.
  • But nobody came.
  • Eventually, the king found me, crying in the garden.
  • I explained what had happened to him.
  • Then he held me, <Name>.
  • He held me with tears in his eyes, saying...
  • "There, there. Everything is going to be alright."
  • He was so... Emotional.
  • But... For some reason...
  • I didn't feel anything at all.
  • I soon realized I didn't feel ANYTHING about ANYONE.
  • My compassion had disappeared!
  • And believe me, it's not like I wasn't trying.
  • I wasted weeks with that stupid king, vainly hoping I would feel something.
  • But it became too much for me.
  • I ran away from home.
  • Eventually, I reached the RUINS.
  • Inside I found HER, <Name>.
  • I thought of all people, SHE could make me feel whole again.
  • ...
  • She failed.
  • Ha ha...
  • I realized those two were useless.
  • I became despondent.
  • I just wanted to love someone.
  • I just wanted to care about someone.
  • <Name>, you might not believe this...
  • But I decided... It wasn't worth living anymore.
  • Not in a world without love.
  • Not in a world without you.
  • So...
  • I decided to follow in your footsteps.
  • I would erase myself from existence.
  • And you know what?
  • I succeeded.
  • But as I left this mortal coil...
  • I started to feel apprehensive.
  • If you don't have a SOUL, what happens when you...?
  • Something primal started to burn inside me.
  • "No," I thought. "I don't want to die!"
  • ...
  • Then I woke up.
  • Like it was all just a bad dream.
  • I was back at the garden.
  • Back at my "save point."
  • Interested, I decided to experiment.
  • Again and again, I brought myself to the edge of death.
  • At any point, I could have let this world continue on without me.
  • But as long as I was determined to live...
  • I could go back.
  • Amazing, isn't it, <Name>?
  • I was amazed, too.
  • At first, I used my powers for good.
  • I became "friends" with everyone.
  • I solved all their problems flawlessly.
  • Their companionship was amusing...
  • For a while.
  • As time repeated, people proved themselves predictable.
  • What would this person say if I gave them this?
  • What would they do if I said this to them?
  • Once you know the answer, that's it.
  • That's all they are.
  • It all started because I was curious.
  • Curious what would happen if I killed them.
  • "I don't like this," I told myself.
  • "I'm just doing this because I HAVE to know what happens.
  • Ha ha ha... What an excuse!
  • You of all people must know how liberating it is to act this way.
  • At least we're better than those sickos that stand around and WATCH it happen...
  • Those pathetic people that want to see it, but are too weak to do it themselves.
  • I bet someone like that's watching right now, aren't they...?
  • Nowadays, even that's grown tiring.
  • You understand, <Name>.
  • I've done everything this world has to offer.
  • I've read every book. I've burned every book.
  • I've won every game. I've lost every game.
  • I've appeased everyone. I've killed everyone.
  • Sets of numbers... Lines of dialogue... I've seen them all.
  • But you... YOU'RE different.
  • I never could predict YOU, <Name>.
  • When I saw you in the RUINS, I didn't recognize you.
  • I thought I could frighten you, then steal your SOUL.
  • I failed.
  • And when I tried to load my save file...
  • It didn't work.
  • <Name>... Your DETERMINATION!
  • Somehow, it's even greater than mine!
  • I just have one question for you, <Name>.
  • How did you get back to the RUINS from here...?
  • ... wait, I know.
  • She must have taken you when she left.
  • And decided to give you a proper burial, rather than...
  • Hanging out in the basement forever.
  • ... but, why then...?
  • What made you wake up?
  • Did you hear me calling you...?
  • It doesn't matter now.
  • I'm so tired of this, <Name>.
  • I'm tired of all these people.
  • I'm tired of all these places.
  • I'm tired of being a flower.
  • <Name>.
  • There's just one thing left I want to do.
  • Let's finish what we started.
  • Let's free everyone.
  • Then... let's let them see what humanity is REALLY like!
  • That despite it all...
  • This world is still "kill or be killed!!"
  • Then...?
  • Well. I had...
  • Been entertaining a few ways to use that power.
  • Hee hee hee...
  • ...
  • But seeing you here changed my mind.
  • <Name>... I think if you're around...
  • Just living in the surface world doesn't seem so bad.
  • We don't even need to leave to get them this time.
  • The king has six of them locked away.
  • I've tried hundreds of ways to get him to show me them...
  • But he just won't.
  • <Name>...
  • I know he'll do it for YOU.
  • Why am I telling you all of this?
  • <Name>, I said it before.
  • Even after all this time...
  • You're still the only one that understands me.
  • You won't give me any worthless pity!
  • Creatures like us...
  • Wouldn't hesitate to KILL each other if we got in each other's way.
  • So that's...
  • So... that's... Why...
  • ...
  • ... ha... Ha...
  • ... what's this... ... feeling?
  • Why am I... Shaking?
  • ...
  • Hey... <Name>... No hard feelings about back then, right?
  • ...
  • H-Hey, what are you doing!?
  • B... back off!!
  • I... I've changed my mind about all this.
  • This isn't a good idea anymore.
  • Y-you should go back, <Name>.
  • This place is fine the way it is!
  • ...
  • S-s-stop making that creepy face!
  • This isn't funny!
  • You've got a SICK sense of humor!

After the protagonist defeats Sans, they easily kill Asgore. Flowey destroys Asgore's SOUL and pledges himself to the protagonist one final time in an attempt to save his own life, revealing his true identity as Asriel in the process.[21] He cries and begs the protagonist not to kill him and the player has the opportunity to spare him by quitting the game or deliver the final blow.[22]

In Battle[]

For an in-battle description, see Asriel Dreemurr/In Battle.



In the True Pacifist Route, Asriel mistakes the protagonist for the first human and calls them his best friend. After the final boss fight, Asriel realizes that Frisk is not the first human and asks what their real name is. He later tells Frisk, if they backtrack to the flowerbed, that he no longer regrets his decision of not killing the humans since another war would've happened otherwise, though he does think the situation could have ended better because of how long it took for the Monsters to be freed.[23]

The First Human[]

His Theme soundtrack

Asriel and his family before the events of Undertale

Asriel found the first human when they fell into the Underground. He became their best friend after helping them, and then the first human's brother after Toriel and Asgore adopted them.[24]

After the human carried their own body to the Surface, Asriel decided to not act on his sibling's desire to unleash their full power to protect themselves, and humans fatally wounded them. With the first human's empty body in his arms, Asriel returned to the Underground and collapsed. His dust spread over the flowerbed in his father's garden as he died. Even after becoming Flowey, he could not think of a world without them, as they are the only person that understands him and that is unpredictable to him to the point of mistaking Frisk for Chara. After Frisk saves him during his battle, Asriel admits Chara "wasn't really the greatest person." This shows his loss of his idealization of Chara, but does not necessarily mean that Chara was ever mean towards him and that Chara & Asriel don't care about each other anymore.


Asgore is Asriel's father. When Asriel first woke up as Flowey, Asgore was the one to find him. Asriel informs Asgore of his identity, hoping to feel something and possibly turn back into his original form. However, having lost his SOUL, he discovers he feels nothing for Asgore any longer. Asgore believes that letting the protagonist escape the Underground with his SOUL is what Asriel would have wanted.[25]

Asriel's habit of saying "golly," and "howdy" came from Asgore.

Asgore is unaware that Flowey is Asriel.


Toriel is Asriel's mother. In older timelines, after failing to feel anything with Asgore, Flowey had turned to Toriel in hopes of feeling love again with her. This ultimately failed, as he could not love others without a SOUL.

Like Asgore, Toriel is unaware that Flowey is Asriel.


Alphys unintentionally created Flowey as a result of the determination experiments, but there is no indication that she knew Asriel in life, or was aware of his existence except her comments of VHS Tapes and at the end of the True Pacifist Route.


Sans is the only character other than Chara that Flowey, out of fear, respects. He⁠—quite rightfully as the player comes to find out in a Genocide Route⁠—sees Sans as a dangerous adversary and takes measures to make sure Sans does not learn of his existence. It is heavily implied that Flowey came into conflict with Sans, presumably attempting what would amount to a Genocide Route, and was defeated by him.[26]

Sans is unaware that Flowey is Asriel.


Papyrus is one of the people who knows Flowey as a friend and not an enemy. Flowey sometimes pops up when nobody else is around and converses with Papyrus, giving him flattery, encouragement, advice, and even predictions. Papyrus even started a Flowey Fan Club, and Flowey knows Papyrus's favorite food.[27] At the time he gained his ability to reset, Flowey found that Papyrus was his favorite person to mess with.

Papyrus is not aware that Flowey is Asriel.



  • Asriel's general appearance and green shirt resembles the race of "Mimiga" from the indie game Cave Story.
  • Asriel shares the same color palette as his soulless self Flowey: white, green, yellow, and black.
  • When attempting to name the Fallen Child "Asriel," the response becomes "..." and prevents the name from being used.
  • Asriel's name has several possible meanings or origins.
    • Asriel's name is a combination of his parents' names, Asgore, and Toriel,[30] likely stemming from Asgore being terrible at naming things. An interesting thing to note is that this follows Anglo-Saxon naming traditions, from where the English language imported names like Albert, Edgar, or Wilfred.
      • His name may have also been inspired by typical goat naming conventions, in which goats are named after a combination of both their parents' names.[31][32]
    • "Asriel" is partially derived from "Azrael," the angel of death in some sects of Judaism and Islam.[30] Gerson mentions an Angel of Death in his explanation of the Delta Rune prophecy. Tradition says that Azrael is covered in eyes and tongues, the amount of which corresponds to the amount of humans on earth. He will be the last to die, as he continously writes and erases names from the book of the living.
    • "Asriel Dreemurr" is an anagram of "Serial Murderer," parodying his vicious behavior as Flowey.[33]
    • "Asriel" is an anagram of "Ralsei," which is the name of a character with a similar appearance from Deltarune, a game Toby Fox also created.
    • "Dreemurr" is similar in pronunciation to "Dreamer," alluded by the ACT "dream" in his battle, and one of his tracks "Hopes and Dreams."
    • "Asriel" is also a name of Hebrew origin that means "Helped by God." This might be a reference to Asriel being miraculously saved and turned to a flower after dying or helping Frisk by breaking the barrier with his god-like powers. This name appears several times in the Tanakh, the equivalent to the Christian Old Testament.[34]
      • The literal translation is "I shall be prince of God", which is even more straightforward, as Asriel is son of a King.
    • His name and appearance could have also been inspired by Sariel, from the game Touhou: Highly Responsive to Prayers. His name is an anagram for Sariel, and this character's outfit resembles the God of Hyperdeath's (it also bears a symbol similar to the Delta Rune). Sariel is also an angel of death.
  • It is possible that Asriel inherited his father's trait of being bad at coming up with names, as when he is in his flower form he names himself "Flowey."
  • On all three routes, Asriel (or some form of Asriel) is always the last monster the protagonist encounters before the route's completion.
    • In the Neutral Route, he absorbs the six human SOULs and becomes Photoshop Flowey.
    • In the True Pacifist Route, he absorbs every SOUL in the Underground and becomes the "God of Hyperdeath".
    • In the Genocide Route, he destroys Asgore's SOUL and vainly begs for the protagonist not to kill him.
  • Napstablook is the only known monster whose SOUL was not absorbed by Asriel.[35]
  • The sound of Sans's Gaster Blasters consists of two sounds used by Asriel. First, the text sound when "ASRIEL DREEMURR" displays at the beginning of his battle (mus_sfx_a_gigatalk), and second, a beam sound used by Asriel's Chaos Buster and final attack (mus_sfx_rainbowbeam_1).
  • Both Undyne the Undying's armor and Mettaton NEO's body closely resemble Asriel's Angel of Death form, displaying a heart on the chest (and both gloves in Undyne's case), large, spiked shoulder pads, and, in Mettaton NEO's case, enormous, vibrant wings.
  • The amount of the stripes on his shirt varies in his appearances. Before turning into his god form, it has four stripes. In the flashback cutscene, it has one. And in his overworld appearance, his shirt has two stripes.
  • According to Toby Fox in the Undertale Art Book, he only flies because he "looked like a doofus" standing in battle.
  • At the end of Ruins, if the protagonist has not killed anyone, Flowey says "I am the prince of this world's future", this is possibly a hint of his old self, since before his death he was called the prince.

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    Y... yeah! We'll be strong! We'll free everyone.
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  9. I didn't feel anything at all.
    I soon realized I didn't feel ANYTHING about ANYONE.
    My compassion had disappeared!
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  10. It sounds like it came from over here...
    Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you...
    Are you okay?
    Here, get up...
    <Name>, huh?
    That's a nice name.
    My name is
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  11. They were the one that wanted to...
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  12. I don't care about destroying this world anymore.
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    I just want to reset everything.
    All your progress... Everyone's memories.
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    Then we can do everything ALL over again.
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    You'll DO it.
    And then you'll lose to me again.
    And again.
    And again!!!
    Because you want a "happy ending."
    Because you "love your friends."
    Because you "never give up."
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  14. Wow... You really ARE something special.
    But don't get cocky.
    Up until now, I've only been using a fraction of my REAL power!
    Let's see what good your DETERMINATION is against THIS!!
    - Asriel
  15. Can't move your body. Nothing happened.
    You struggle... Nothing happened.
    - Narrator
  16. But I can feel every other monster's as well.
    They all care about each other so much.
    And... they care about you too, Frisk.
    I wish I could tell you how everyone feels about you.
    - Asriel
  17. Frisk... I... I understand if you can't forgive me.
    I understand if you hate me.
    I acted so strange and horrible.
    - Asriel
  18. Well... My time's running out.
    By the way...
    ... take care of Mom and Dad for me, OK?
    - Asriel
  19. You're not really human, are you?
    No. You're empty inside. Just like me.
    - Flowey
  20. You're <Name>, right?
    We're still inseparable, after all these years...
    - Flowey
  21. After all it's me your best friend!
    I'm helpful, I can be useful to you
    I promise I won't get in your way
    - Flowey
  22. I can help... I can... I can...
    Please don't kill me.
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  23. I did the right thing.
    If I killed those humans...
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    I couldn't give you a simple, happy ending...
    But I believe your freedom...
    ... is what my son...
    ... what ASRIEL would have wanted.
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  26. [Papyrus] probably would have invited his garbage brother.
    You know. Smiley Trashbag.
    If I have ONE piece of advice for you...
    Let his brother.
    Find out ANYTHING about you.
    He'll... well...
    Let's just say.
    He's caused me more than my fair share of resets.
    Stay away from that guy.
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