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God, we're like... SO hyped for the destruction of humanity.

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Bratty and Catty (/ˈbræti/, /ˈkæti/) are a pair of vendors that can be found in an alley to the right of the MTT Resort. They are best friends, often saying the same lines or finishing sentences for each other (usually in the American valley-girl dialect), and both are big fans of Mettaton. They have several wares found from the Garbage Dump, including the Mystery Key.



Bratty is a tall, green alligator monster that wears a primarily pink shawl with yellow and blue details on the sides. She has yellow hair that flows into curls.

Catty is a plump purple cat creature who wears a set of blue overalls with yellow buttons and tufts of yellow hair coming out from under it on either side. She has black hair with a blue streak in it, and a yellow earring on her left ear.

Main Story

Neutral and True Pacifist Route

Bratty and Catty sell items to the protagonist including a weapon, armor, and healing items. Catty mentions that they get all of their wares from the Garbage Dump and that it is good garbage.

Genocide Route

In the Genocide Route, Bratty and Catty leave their store. The text when entering the store reads, "But like. Nobody came and stuff." They have left a note written with gel pens saying that they left, and if someone is reading the note, Alphys took them somewhere safe and that whoever is reading the note should not even THINK about stealing their stuff. Regardless, the protagonist can still take goods and money.


Neutral and True Pacifist Route

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  • Hey!
  • Check it out!
  • Yeah!
  • Check it out!
  • You should buy ALL our stuff! [While purchasing]
  • Bratty! We're gonna be rich! [On purchase]
  • We're all $$$$$old out! Mee-YOW! [When trying to buy something that's sold out]
  • You need WAY more money. [Not enough GOLD]
  • You have TOO many items!!! [Full inventory]
  • Thanks, but we, like, don't really need anything.
  • Oh my god, can you go get us some Glamburgers?
  • We don't.
  • Really need.
  • Anything.
  • Wait! I'll pay you 1000G if you get Mettaton to autograph my butt!
    [If Glamburger is in Inventory]
    • Oh my God.
    • Is that a Glamburger?
    • OH MY GOD!!!
    • GIMME!!!
    • God, Catty.
    • Try to have some self-control.
    • Sorry...
    • 'Cause they OBVIOUSLY brought that Glamburger for ME.
    • NO WAYYY!!!!!
  • So, like, what's up?
    [About you two]
    • I'm Bratty, and this is my best friend, Catty.
    • I'm Catty, and this is my best friend, Bratty.
    [About your wares]
    • The stuff inside, is like...
    • TOTALLY wicked expensive.
    • But, like, this stuff we found is like...
    • TOTALLY wicked cheap.
    • You should...
    • Like...
    • TOTALLY wicked buy all of it?
    • TOTALLY wicked buy all of it?
    [Origin of wares]
    • I mean, like, where does anyone get guns, or food, or...
    • We found it in the garbage!
    • It's GOOD garbage.
    • It's like, really good garbage.
    [Origin of garbage]
    • Where do we get the garbage?
    • Like, the garbage store, duh!!!
    • .....
    • .....
    • Waterfall mostly.
    • I found a gun in a dumpster!
    [About Mettaton]
    • Oh my God.
    • Mettaton.
    • Oh my GOD,
    • He's like...
    • My robot husband.
    • Actually he's like...
    • MY robot husband.
    • I think we're like... both going to marry him.
    • We're both like, ALREADY married to him.
    • He just, like, doesn't know it yet.
    [Origin of Mettaton]
    • So, like, Dr. Alphys built Mettaton, right?
    • That's like, what they TELL you.
    • But like...
    • Mettaton always acts like...
    • ... being built was HIS idea somehow.
    • And even right after he was built...
    • ... he acted like Alphys was an old friend.
    • But they're like...
    • Not friends anymore.
    • Yeah!!!
    • Unlike me and Bratty!!
    • Best friends for-EVER!!!
    [About Alphys]
    • Oh my God.
    • Alphys.
    • Oh my god,
    • ALPHYS.
    • She used to live on our street.
    • She was like a big sister.
    • I mean, like, if your big sister...
    • Takes you on trips to the dump.
    • She showed us the coolest places to find trash.
    • She was always collecting these weird cartoons.
    • Then she became the Royal Scientist...
    • Yeah, we haven't seen her in forever...
    [Royal Scientist]
    • So Alphys has always, like...
    • Thought ASGORE is a SUPER cutie.
    • So, like, I'm pretty sure she...
    • Made Mettaton to, like, totally impress him.
    • A robot with a SOUL...
    • That's, like, SUPER relevant to his hobbies!
    • So after seeing Mettaton, ASGORE...
    • Asked her to do all this science stuff for him!
    • But nobody's, like, seen anything from her yet.
    • Or... her at all...
    • She must, like, just stay in her lab all day.
    • Like, live a little, girl.
    • Yeah!!!
    • Like us!!!
    [About ASGORE]
    • Oh my God.
    • He's a total goober.
    • He's a big, fuzzy goofball!!
    • Like, I LOVE that guy.
    • He's like, SO nice.
    • God, we're like...
    • God, we're like...
    • SO hyped for the destruction of humanity.
    • SO hyped for the destruction of humanity.
    • Oh, that guy from the store?
    • Yuck, what a creep.
    • Yeah! He's a creep!
    • But he's kind of cute, too...
    • C'mon Catty, don't you have ANY standards?
    • Nope!!!
    [More Burgerpants]
    • OK, like, the annoying thing is...
    • He'd be OK if he just treated us with some respect.
    • But he just acts...
    • Really weird.
    • And then acts like it's OUR fault he acts that way!
    • Like, when we asked him to get those Glamburgers...
    • He dropped them and ran away before we could even say anything!
    • We were, like, going to share them.
    • Really?
    • I wasn't.
    • Catty!
    [B.Pants Hangout?]
    • Oh, uh...
    • Yeah!!
    • He should come look for junk with us!
    • But like, if we let him hang out with us... I just worry it'll...
    • ... be really super fun!
    • Um, that was NOT what I was gonna say.
    • But I was close, right!?
    [That Kind of Guy]
    • Well, that kind of guy...
    • You hang out with him once, then he wants to hang out...
    • All.
    • The.
    • Time.
    • But don't you feel bad for him, Bratty?
    • Poor Burgerpants...
    • Think about how cool we are compared to him!!!
    • We'd be saving his LIFE with our friendship!!
    • His LIFE, Bratty!!
    • Uh, so?
    • ...
    • Think of all the glamburgers he could get for us!!
    • ... so is he free after work?
  • Like, see you later!
  • Like, later and stuff!


The following dropdown may contain spoilers.
  • [Freedom]
    • So, we're like totally free now, huh?
    • Yeah, like, totally free.
    • Like...
    • Cool.
    • Yeah, like, cool.
    • Like, millennia of being imprisoned finally over?
    • Yeah, that's like pretty chill I guess.
    [I'm a human]
    • Oh, oops, really?
    • Uh, well, when we said, um...
    • We were hyped for the destruction of humanity...
    • We were, just, like, joking, you know?
    • Did we say that?
    • Probably?
    • It's, like, practically our catchphrase.
    • Really?
    • I thought our catchphrase was...
    • B-B-Bratty's the best, C-C-Catty's the coolest!
    • Um, no?
    • We've like literally NEVER said that.
    • CAN it be though!?
    • CAN it be!?
    • Hmm...
    • Now that we're gonna be free...
    • OMG, we can finally fulfill our DREAM of having a pet cat!
    • That's, like, YOUR dream, Catty.
    • But Bratty...
    • I don't wanna have a dream without YOU in it...!
    • Aww...
    • Catty...
    • And, in my dream, YOU clean up after the cat!
    • Catty!!!
    [Do You Like Cats]
    • Me?
    • Yeah, I LOVE cats?
    • Me?
    • Yeah, I LOVE cats?
    • They're, like, SO tasty!!
    • They're, like, SO cute!!!
    • Bratty NOOOO!!!
    • I'm just kidding!!
    • Kind of.
    • Anyway, when was the last time you even SAW a cat around here?
    • Oh!!
    • JUST the other day!
    • There was this CUTE little white cat walking around...
    • It was, like, SOOOOOO clueless looking.
    • I pet it for like an hour!!
    • .....
    • .....
    • ... Catty.
    • Yeah, Bratty?
    • I think that was, like...
    • A dog.

Genocide Route

The following dropdown may contain spoilers.
  • But, like.
  • Nobody came and stuff.
  • Stole 5G from the till.
  • The till is empty. [Steal again]
  • Hey, this is Bratty!
  • Hey, this is Catty!
  • If you're reading this...
  • Then, like, bad news you mega-evil weirdo!
  • Alphys just came here and she's taking us...
  • Someplace super duper safe!
  • But, first, we gotta use these gel pens.
  • Yeah!
  • Chill, Alphys!
  • We don't wanna waste pens!
  • And don't even THINK about stealing our stuff.
  • Yeah, creep!
  • Leave our junk alone!
  • Catty, it's not JUNK.
  • It's really valuable.
  • Yeah!
  • Our garbage is REALLY valuable!
  • Anyway.
  • In closing:
  • You're a total loser!
  • Yeah!
  • Loser!!!
  • Nya ha ha!
  • Signed, Bratty <3
  • Signed, Catty <3



  • Bratty and Catty's names are both actual words. Bratty can describe a spoiled, impudent, and ill-mannered child (most likely referring to Bratty's lack of formality and respect). Catty can mean either "deliberately hurtful in one's remarks" (referring to how some dialogue can be seen as intentionally disrespectful) or "catlike" (referring to their appearance and demeanor). The names "Bratty" and "Catty" also rhyme with each other.
  • If "Bratty" is typed for the character's name, the response becomes "Like, OK I guess.", while if "Catty" is typed for the character's name, the response becomes "Bratty! Bratty! That's MY name!"
  • Their apparent species are puns; Catty is an alley cat, and Bratty is an alley-gator, and they talk like valley girls.
  • They can both be seen in the True Pacifist Ending Credits watching Mettaton's stage show.[1]
  • Even after they left, the narration of their shop in the Genocide Route is spoken in similar fashion to their valley girl talk.
  • Although the protagonist can add to their dialogue by buying a Glamburger, the girls do not actually take it when trying to sell it to them.


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