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Now, come along.
Everyone is waiting for us!

Toriel to the protagonist if they choose to stay with her

Bring It In, Guys! is the 95th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. This track plays during the first part of the credits until it is replaced by Last Goodbye.

It contains remixes played in the following order:

  1. Enemy Approaching
  2. Nyeh Heh Heh! + sans.
  3. Snowdin Town
  4. Spear of Justice + Don't Give Up
  5. Death by Glamour + CORE
  6. Bergentrückung + Fallen Down
  7. Once Upon a Time


  • In the game's data, the song is split into seven files that correspond to each segment.
  • This is the third longest song in the Undertale Soundtrack, after Reunited and Undertale.