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Bullet Board is an unofficial term for the box that restricts the movement of the protagonist's SOUL during encounters. During enemy turns, the Bullet Board appears and attacks are sent through it to hit the protagonist's SOUL. The Bullet Board is typically static.

The board's dimensions and behavior vary depending on the attack or the SOUL Mode the protagonist is using. Examples include:

  • When Muffet sends her pet to attack the protagonist or when the protagonist turns up the heat while fighting Pyrope, the Bullet Board moves in a wavy pattern.
    • Muffet does not move the Bullet Board on the console versions. The Bullet Board remains static throughout her pet attacks.
  • Mad Dummy's and others' attacks are not restricted to the bullet board.
  • At the end of Sans's fight, the protagonist must push the Bullet Board towards the FIGHT button once he falls asleep.
    • When Sans lets the SOUL fall to the right in his last attack, it stretches horizontally.
  • Photoshop Flowey removes the Bullet Board entirely.
    • Asriel Dreemurr grows the bullet board to larger than the size of the screen when using "Hyper Goner", basically removing it.
    • Flowey, before he turns into Asriel, shrinks the bullet board so the protagonist cannot move.
    • The Bullet Board is not present when the protagonist kills Asgore and Flowey in a Genocide Route.
  • One of Lemon Bread's attacks involves her transforming the Bullet Board into her mouth and biting down on the protagonist's SOUL. The Bullet Board's area reduces considerably during this attack.
  • The last segment of Papyrus's battle involves the protagonist's SOUL extending the Bullet Board vertically to avoid Papyrus's final attack.