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Right now, everyone in the world...
I can feel their hearts beating as one.
And we all have ONE goal.
To defeat YOU.
Human. No, WHATEVER you are.
For the sake of the whole world...
I, UNDYNE, will strike you down!


But the Earth Refused to Die is the 97th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It references An Ending and plays during the Genocide Route, before fighting Undyne the Undying. It's composed mainly of chanting, white noise, and a heartbeat.


  • The title of the track is a possible reference to Chrono Trigger, where if the player is defeated by the game's final boss, they get a unique "game over" screen that reads "BUT... THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE."
    • This quote may also be a reference to the Asriel fight when the protagonist dies; the game over screen reads "But it refused." and the battle continues.
  • The song plays 10% slower than the soundtrack version in-game (at 0.90 speed).[1]


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