Item Description Effects Location and Cost
Bandage It has already been used several times. 0DEF Starting Item, Free. One of a kind. Cannot be re-equipped. Becomes consumable once unequipped.
Faded Ribbon If you're cuter, monsters won't hit you as hard. 3DEF One Switch Puzzle in the Ruins, Free. One of a kind.
Manly Bandanna It has seen some wear. It has abs drawn on it. 7DEF Snowdin Shopkeeper, 50G. Free in Genocide Route.
Old Tutu Finally, a protective piece of armor. 10DEF Behind a waterfall in Waterfall, Free. One of a kind.
Cloudy Glasses Glasses marred with wear. Increases INV by 9. 6DEF Gerson, 35G.
Temmie Armor The things you can do with a college education! Raises ATTACK when worn. Recovers HP every other turn. INV up slightly. 20DEF Tem Shop (after buying scholarship), 9999G. Price is lowered after every death. Cannot be bought in Genocide Route.
Stained Apron Heals 1 HP every other turn. 11DEF Isolated Area in Hotland, Free. One of a kind. Cannot be obtained in Genocide Route.
Cowboy Hat This battle-worn hat makes you want to grow a beard. It also raises ATTACK by 5. 12DEF Bratty and Catty, 350G. Free in Genocide Route. One of a kind.
Heart Locket It says "Best Friends Forever." 15DEF Asgore's Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces The Locket in True Pacifist and Neutral Route.
The Locket You can feel it beating. 99DEF Asgore's Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces the Heart Locket in Genocide Route.

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