Undertale Demo OST is the soundtrack album for the Undertale Demo, released May 21, 2013.

All tracks are composed by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

There are 16 tracks in total. Two of these tracks, "Menu" and "End" have been renamed to "Start Menu" and "Good Night" respectively in the complete Undertale Soundtrack while "Empty House" was removed.


No. Title Length Plays Leitmotif(s)
1 Once Upon a Time 1:28 During the intro. Once Upon A Time
2 Menu 0:32 When starting/loading a truly new file. Once Upon A Time
3 Your Best Friend 0:23 When the protagonist first encounters Flowey. Your Best Friend
4 Fallen Down 0:57 When Toriel intervenes the encounter above. Toriel
5 Ruins 1:32 While the protagonist travels the Ruins. Ruins
6 Anticipation 0:22 During monster encounters while accompanied by Toriel. Enemy Approaching
7 Unnecessary Tension 0:17 While the protagonist completes Toriel's test of independence.
8 Enemy Approaching 0:56 While fighting monsters. Enemy Approaching
9 Ghost Fight 0:56 During fight against Napstablook. Ghost Fight
10 Determination 0:50 On the game over screen. Determination
11 Home 2:03 When inside Toriel's home. Home and Once Upon A Time
12 Heartache 1:48 During the boss fight against Toriel. Hearthache
13 End 0:32 During most endings.
14 Nyeh Heh Heh! 0:32 In the pacifist ending. Papyrus
15 Home (Music Box) 2:02 When the protagonist turns off the light/wakes up in their room in Toriel's home. Home and Once Upon A Time
16 Empty House 3:01 In Toriel's home after killing Toriel. Toriel

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