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Item Description Effects Location and Cost
Punch Card Use to make punching attacks stronger in one battle. Use outside of battle to look at the card. Increase ATK when in battle. Three can be traded in for a free Nice Cream.
Annoying Dog A little white dog. It's fast asleep... Absorbs the legendary artifact when used or dropped. Also gives the protagonist Dog Residue.
Dog Residue Varies (see page). Fills the inventory with more Dog Residue, with a possibility of giving Dog Salad. Legendary Artifact Room in Waterfall, Free.
Mystery Key It is too bent to fit on your keychain. Unlocks the front door of the house next to Napstablook's.
Silver Key (not an inventory item) Unlocks Sans's workshop.
  • Sans's room, Free.
  • Only available on a no EXP earned Neutral Route after obtaining the key to Sans's room in the Last Corridor.
Undyne's Letter Letter written for Dr. Alphys. Used to regain access to Dr. Alphys's lab.
Undyne's Letter EX It has DON'T DROP IT written on it. Used to regain access to Dr. Alphys's lab.
  • Undyne in Snowdin if the protagonist drops Undyne's Letter, Free.
  • One of a kind.
0 If you are reading this, I messed up somehow. Dropping this item or viewing it in battle crashes the game Unobtainable without glitches.[1]


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