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For the minibosses, RG01 and RG02, see Royal Guards.

The Royal Guard are a group of monsters dedicated to defending the Underground, protecting Asgore, and searching for a human to acquire the last of the 7 SOULs.


They are supposedly an "elite" group of guards, but many of their members appear laughably incompetent. Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard, decides who becomes a member. Papyrus's dream is to become a famous member of the Royal Guard, but despite his surprisingly adept combat ability, Undyne secretly does not let him join as he is too kind and friendly, believing these attributes may get him killed in battle.

Known Members


  • The canine members of the Royal Guard located in Snowdin are called the "Snowdin Canine Unit" by Undyne before her battle.
  • There are two unused members of the Royal Guard, RG 03 and RG 04.
  • According to Papyrus in a call, while Snowdin and Hotland have Royal Guard members, Waterfall does not need any members other than Undyne, which explains why she is the only Royal Guard member seen by there.

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