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Vendor of the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium

Vendors are NPCs who sell various items across the Underground. There are five main vendors, with one in Snowdin, two in Waterfall, and two in Hotland, and several minor vendors.

Excluding the Temmie Shopkeeper, vendors in the game refuse to buy items from the protagonist. The only vendors present in the Genocide Route are the Spider Bake Sales, Gerson, The Temmie Shopkeeper, and Burgerpants.

List of Vendors

Location Vendor Notes
Ruins Spider Bake Sale Using any item from this vendor during Muffet's battle immediately makes her spareable.
Snowdin Nice Cream Guy Disappears if the kill counter for Snowdin Forest is exhausted. Does not show up during the Genocide Route.
Snowdin Town Snowdin Shopkeeper Disappears in the Genocide Route.
Waterfall Nice Cream Guy Does not return once he appears in Hotland.
Waterfall - Crossroad north of the River Person Gerson
Temmie Village Tem Shop Only shop where items can be sold.
Hotland, left of Elevator R2 Sans Does not show up if Papyrus has been killed. Sans permanently leaves the stand after judging the protagonist in the Last Corridor.
Hotland Spider Bake Sale All items cost 9999G. Buying anything here prevents the fight against Muffet (except during the Genocide Route).
Hotland - Third Floor Crossroads Nice Cream Guy Does not sell Nice Cream if the Royal Guards have been spared.
Hotland - Alleyway Next to the MTT Resort Bratty and Catty Disappears in the Genocide Route.
Hotland - MTT-Brand Burger Emporium Burgerpants
True Lab Vending Machine

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