When the player hits all of the sliding bars in the center when attacking, it will make a different noise and will appear yellow instead. This does not apply to the Stick, Toy Knife, Worn Dagger or the Real Knife since their animation is a simple slice.

Item Description Effects Pattern Location and Cost
Stick Its bark is worse than its bite. 0ATK Single hit Starting Item, Free. One of a kind. Cannot be re-equipped.
Toy Knife Made of plastic. A rarity nowadays. 3ATK Single hit Balcony of the Ruins, Free. One of a kind.
Tough Glove A worn pink leather glove. For five-fingered folk. 5ATK Single hit, then mash Dimensional Box, Free.
Snowdin Shopkeeper, 50G.

Free in Snowdin Shop in Genocide Route.

Ballet Shoes These used shoes make you feel incredibly dangerous. 7ATK 3 hits Tall Grass in Waterfall, Free. One of a kind.
Torn Notebook Contains illegible scrawls. Increases INV by 6. 2ATK 2 hits Gerson, 55G.
Burnt Pan Damage is rather consistent. Consumable items heal four more HP. 10ATK 4 hits Isolated Area in Hotland, Free. One of a kind.
Empty Gun An antique revolver. It has no ammo. Must be used precisely, or damage will be low. 12ATK 4 hits, very fast Bratty and Catty, 350G. Free in Genocide Route. One of a kind.
Worn Dagger Perfect for cutting plants and vines. 15ATK Single hit Asgore's Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces the Real Knife in Pacifist and Neutral Route.
Real Knife Here we are! 99ATK Single hit Asgore's Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces the Worn Dagger in Genocide Route.

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