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The Cell Phone is an item in Undertale that Toriel gives to the protagonist early in the game. Later, on the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, Alphys mentions that the Cell Phone Toriel gave the protagonist is "ancient," and upgrades it. The upgraded Cell Phone's features include a key chain, access to dimensional boxes, texting, the Underground's social network (UnderNet), a jetpack, a bomb defusing function, and a shooting mode.


  • Toriel's Phone is given to the protagonist when she leaves them alone in the Ruins. Initially, the protagonist can choose from "Say Hello," "About Yourself," "Call Her Mom," and "Flirt" when calling Toriel within the Ruins. The "Puzzle Help" option appears after receiving Toriel's call about allergies. After Toriel has been asked about exiting the Ruins, she cannot be reached again through the phone until the epilogue of the True Pacifist Route where she learns about texting. Flirting and then calling her mom affects the dialogue that Toriel gives in the True Pacifist Route epilogue.
  • Papyrus's Phone or Papyrus's Hotful Helpline[1] is obtained after dating or hanging out with Papyrus. It is mainly used to get tips or commentary, which differs from room to room. This contact becomes Papyrus and Undyne after befriending Undyne. Sans also occasionally comes into play as well. They cannot be called at the end of the True Pacifist Route, as their phone presumably ran out of batteries.
  • Alphys upgrades the protagonist's phone with texting if they become acquainted with her in the Lab. She also subscribes them to UnderNet and adds herself as a friend. However, she is not actually added as a callable contact.

Receiving Calls

  • After receiving the phone from Toriel, waiting in the room prompts a series of calls over a period. These calls consist of Toriel getting her phone stolen by a dog, and her struggle to retrieve it. At first, she calls to say that she needs five more minutes. After waiting, she calls again to say a small white puppy stole her flour, and questions what dogs would want with flour. After that, the protagonist receives several calls indicating that the dog has also stolen Toriel's phone. Trying to call her while her phone is stolen results in the signals being deflected by a dog. Conveniently, she retrieves her phone after the protagonist leaves the room.[2]
  • After Sans lets Papyrus know that the protagonist is a human, the protagonist may receive one of two phone calls immediately afterward depending on the fun value.
    • Sans may call in order to prank the protagonist. He asks if their refrigerator is running, and his response varies depending on what answer is chosen. This event only happens if the fun value falls between 40 and 45.
    • Alphys may call to order a pizza before she is encountered. Although she is anonymous in the phone call, she can be identified by her voice. She says that she texts the protagonist the toppings but instead ends up sending ASCII art of an anime cat girl (possibly Mew Mew).[3] The protagonist's old phone cannot receive this, so it is read out character by character. This event only happens when the fun value falls between 46 and 50.
  • In Room 70 (room_tundra_dock), the northernmost part of Snowdin, the protagonist's Cell Phone may randomly receive a call. The phone call begins asking for somebody whose name starts with the letter "G," indicating that this phone call is for Gerson, Glyde, Grillby, Gyftrot or W. D. Gaster. The phone call then transitions into the Wrong Number Song.[4] This event only happens when the fun value falls between 2 and 39.
    • There is a known glitch with the Wrong Number Song where the avatar of whoever the protagonist spoke to last shows up as the ID of the call. This was seemingly fixed in v1.001.
  • In Waterfall after solving and crossing the second Bridge Seed puzzle, Papyrus calls the protagonist's cell phone and claims that he sequentially dialed every single digit to get their phone. He proceeds to ask what the protagonist is wearing according to a report from Undyne.
    • Papyrus calls again during the short maze between the Nice Cream Guy and Onionsan's rooms, explaining that he told Undyne what the protagonist was wearing. Whether or not the protagonist lies about their armor and/or changes it after the first call, Papyrus always accidentally tells Undyne the actual armor equipped.
  • In Hotland and the CORE, Alphys frequently calls the protagonist to try to assist them with the fights against Mettaton and puzzles in the area.
  • In the Elevator to exit the True Lab, an unknown voice (presumed to be Flowey mimicking his original voice) calls the protagonist, saying, "<Name>... Are you there? It's been a long time, hasn't it...? But you've done well. Thanks to you, everything has fallen into place. <Name>... See you soon."


UnderNet is "the Underground's number one social network," according to Alphys. She automatically signs the protagonist up for it when she upgrades their phone. There is no way to access the network through the game's menu, but the protagonist can receive status updates and a friend request from Napstablook throughout Hotland.

Alphys's handle is ALPHYS, Papyrus's handle is CoolSkeleton95, Undyne's handle is StrongFish91, and Napstablook's handle is NAPSTABLOOK22.


  • When using the phone on the conveyor belt in Alphys's room, the text shown stays behind while the conveyor belt carries the protagonist onward. This was fixed in v1.001 by preventing the conveyor from carrying the protagonist while the menu is open, like other conveyor belts.
  • When calling Papyrus in a room with Bridge Seeds in Waterfall, he mentions a cell phone turning into a jetpack as a replacement for the Bridge Seeds. Coincidentally, Alphys's upgrade on the protagonist's phone includes the phone turning into a jetpack (although it was not used to cross a gap, but rather one of Mettaton's games.)
  • During the epilogue, the protagonist can call Toriel and receive different messages within different rooms.
  • Papyrus mentions that he is a dozen followers away from double digits, implying that Papyrus has either −2 or 111 followers. It is possible he just has a bad concept of numbers, or that the Underground uses a different number system for follower counts. Papyrus mentions that a troll, most likely Sans, is "besieging his online persona" with puns in a goofy font.
  • If spared, Papyrus also calls the protagonist in the entrance to Hotland, making Undyne actually stop and wait for the call to end if she is chasing the protagonist.
  • After befriending Papyrus and Undyne, the protagonist can learn a substantial amount about their characters by calling them in the different rooms. For instance, calling them in the room unlocked by completing the piano puzzle in Waterfall reveals that Undyne made the puzzle and had been waiting for someone to complete it.
Cell Phone screenshot Gaster Follower.png
  • If a call is made when a Gaster Follower is in the room, the phone does not turn on.
  • Once the battle with Toriel is completed, she can not be reached even if she is still alive. However, if she is called in the Artifact Room before the Annoying Dog absorbs the artifact, ringing can be heard in the protagonist's inventory, implying that the dog stole Toriel's phone and ate it.
  • Whenever the protagonist tries to call someone when Mettaton is present (not counting when he is out of batteries), he causes interference. This same thing happens in Muffet's area before her battle.
  • There is a variable in Undertale that turns off Alphys's notifications. This is used in the Genocide Route, as one does not befriend Alphys. Toby Fox said he intended to make the player able to toggle this ability in-game, but he did not implement such feature.[5]
  • Curiously, even though the phone only has a keychain after Alphys upgrades it, the protagonist is somehow still able to collect the keys to Asgore's basement in the Genocide Route, despite not having the phone upgraded.
  • It is most likely Flowey who called the phone at the end of the True Lab, as "everything is in place" refers to his transformation back to his old self by getting everyone in place to absorb every SOUL. The soundbite used is also identical to Asriel Dreemurr's in his God of Hyperdeath form.


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