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The will to keep living... The resolve to change fate. Let's call this power... "Determination."



The protagonist gaining determination from a save point

Determination is a power that allows SOULs to persist after death.[1] The most determined being in the Underground is able to SAVE.[2]


Determination is naturally possessed by humans. Should a monster acquire a high concentration of determination, its body melts, usually into an amalgamate.[3] The only known monster who may naturally possess determination is Undyne. A being without a SOUL can gain the will to live if it acquires determination, a prime example being Flowey.[4]

Main Story

SAVE Points can be found throughout the game. These SAVE points express the protagonist's determination and thoughts in regards to recent events.

True Pacifist Route


DT Extraction Machine

In the True Lab, it is revealed that Alphys started experimenting with determination extracted from human SOULs in an attempt to unleash the power of the SOUL.[5] She used blueprints to operate the DT Extraction Machine to obtain determination and began injecting it into the bodies of monsters who had fallen down. However, since their bodies cannot handle determination, the monsters injected with determination soon melted together and became Amalgamates.

Genocide Route

Undyne, fueled by her determination, challenges the protagonist as Undyne the Undying. When defeated, she melts in a similar fashion to Amalgamates; This is also the case when she dies in her normal form.

When using a save point, it only says "Determination.", with no context in particular.


  • The SAVE point description in Temmie Village refers to determination as "detemmienation."
  • "Determination" might be a play on words, as the primary power it affords is the ability to reverse death, either the protagonist's or those they may have killed, hence de-termination.
  • It is unknown if the Amalgamates mimicking game elements such as the protagonist's "!" dialogue box or SAVE points are actually happening and related to the Determination they have been injected with, or are simply breaks of the fourth wall intended to catch players off-guard.
  • The DT Extraction Machine resembles most parts of Photoshop Flowey (Most notably the inverted mouth and the eye sockets).


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