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The Dog Shrine is an area exclusive to the console (PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S) versions of Undertale that contains a shrine for the Annoying Dog. It is accessible by entering through the tall sink in Papyrus's kitchen.


  • On the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions, the Dog Shrine is simply a shrine for the Annoying Dog which the protagonist can donate GOLD to.
  • On the Nintendo Switch version, the shrine is destroyed and contains a red-and-blue door matching the colors of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Behind the door is Mad Mew Mew, a unique miniboss.
  • On the Xbox version, the shrine becomes a casino featuring a slot machine for new "Coin's" and a donation box which can once again be used to upgrade it with up to 500 C.

Main Story

When opening the door of the shrine for the first time, the dog is seen chewing on one of Papyrus's bones and is chased away by Papyrus. Sans's room then opens, showing Sans playing his trombone, which annoys Papyrus.

On PlayStation

In the PlayStation versions, the protagonist can donate GOLD to the Shrine, 1 GOLD at a time, with 350 GOLD required to fully upgrade it. Upon reaching each donation threshold, a new object is added or the shrine is improved, and the player receives a trophy.

  1. (2 GOLD) The dog buys some fairy lights.
  2. (4 GOLD) The dog decides to buy dumplings, which he later dislikes.
  3. (6 GOLD) The dog buys an inflatable mascot, the kind seen at car dealerships.
  4. (8 GOLD) The dog steals a picture of Papyrus holding pasta.
  5. (10 GOLD) A shrine upgrade happens.
  6. (13 GOLD) The dog buys a radio, which changes the music.
  7. (16 GOLD) The dog gets a video game.
  8. (19 GOLD) The dog steals a picture of Papyrus chasing the camera monster.
  9. (22 GOLD) The dog gets ripped off by rope.
  10. (25 GOLD) A shrine upgrade happens.
  11. (30 GOLD) A dog food dispenser is added.
  12. (35 GOLD) Blueprints are added.
  13. (40 GOLD) The dog gets ripped off by rope again.
  14. (50 GOLD) The dog tries to get its shrine recognized.
  15. (70 GOLD) The last Dog Shrine upgrade.

On Nintendo Switch

Main article: Mad Mew Mew

In the Nintendo Switch version, instead of being able to donate GOLD to upgrade the shrine, the Dog Shrine appears abandoned and destroyed with a door colored red and blue, the colors of the Switch's Joy-Con controllers, in the middle of the north wall of the room. It is sealed with a lock that naturally falls off after defeating Mettaton EX. Interacting with the Mad Mew Mew doll beyond the door initiates the fight.

On Xbox

In the Xbox version, the vandalized Nintendo Switch shrine is bulldozed by the Annoying Dog on entry and replaced with a sign, collectible coin machine, donation box, and slot machine. The slot machine allows the protagonist to spend "Coin's" from the collectible coin machine (purchased at a 25G:5C ratio) to win more, and the sign lists donation levels like in the PlayStation version:

Condition Prize Effect
Donate 10C Poker Table Sans (Mad Mew Mew if Mettaton EX has been defeated) appears behind a tall poker table, which cannot be played at due to its height. They can comment on whatever the protagonist last interacted with.[1][2]
Donate 25C Game Console A "GamerBOX game console system" appears in the room, bragging that it features an exclusive virtual slot machine, but noting that it has no real-life benefits. Sans points out that one could watch a video recording instead of playing games yourself. Mad Mew Mew notes that the console interfaces with her body and she made Alphys faint from fright while stealing the doll.
Donate 50C Burger x2 An MTT-branded fast food box appears in the room, containing game controllers covered with ketchup and buns. Sans notes that while saying puns at MTT Resort, the king couldn't stop laughing and the performance was cut short. Mad Mew Mew notes that she once cut several pictures of Mettaton out of Burgerpants's menu to replace with her own.
Donate 100C SerpentHelm A "backwards" baseball cap appears in the room, which is noted to be backwards despite nobody wearing it. Sans claims he won't wear it because he "just combed" and isn't a hat person (despite wearing a visor). Mad Mew Mew says Undyne would look great in a hat but it would be difficult to fit her hair through a backwards one.
Donate 200C Freedom Emblem A war-torn Gamer's Treaty listing the "only 50 good games to ever exist" appears in the room. Sans implies that it was written by Alphys and that her top recommendation is "the same rpg as always" which he would get "if it ever came out on gamerbox." Mad Mew Mew claims that anything she does is canon to Mew Mew, relaying a story about blowing smoke due to the doll's shoddy design.
Donate 350C !Dancer A GamerBOX GameCamera (resembling an Xbox Kinect) appears next to the GamerBOX. It comes bundled with "MTT Dance Off", a game where the player loses if they stop applauding Mettaton. Sans notes Papyrus has been taking selfies and editing muscles into them, a "glimpse of the future." Mad Mew Mew refuses to take a selfie with the protagonist using it.
Donate 500C HD Upgrade Coins won by the slot machine now appear in the overworld and bounce around Undertale's game screen for a few minutes or until the protagonist leaves.
3 Cherries Tonic Several cherry-flavored GamerBlood Energy Drinks appear in the room, which contain vitamins B1 through the nonexistent B5, caffeine, and "whatever vitamins are in radioactive waste." Sans notes that Alphys used to drink a lot of them. Mad Mew Mew mentions that Burgerpants refuses to give her "a battery smoothie."
3 Ghosts M.Ticket An incorporeal ticket for "a live Gaming Performance" from Mettaton appears in the room. Sans notes that Mettaton always uses mods to make the main character in the game into Mettaton, but most animations aren't modded properly. Mad Mew Mew implies she stole it from Napstablook due to the complicated relationship between them and Mettaton.
3 Bones Revitalizer Various beautification skin creams appear in the room. Sans notes that Papyrus uses a lot of these, despite not having skin. Mad Mew Mew implies she eats skin cream and has attempted to "re-screw" Burgerpants's head on after he refused to make her ice cream from it.
D O G 1/35 Statue A statue of the Annoying Dog in a suit advertising fried dog food appears in the room. It "feels" like the protagonist puts something in the dog's hands which could solve a puzzle, but actually has no effect beyond that feeling. Sans claims that fried food is unhealthy, making an implicit reference to his "fried snow" joke in Snowdin Forest. Mad Mew Mew suggests it could be a good body for Napstablook, noting its potential knife-holding abilities.

There are several additional effects not initially listed on the sign:

  • "More HD for every 250C held" is listed after donating 500C. This results in additional particles appearing when winning with the slot machine, increasing to 2 per coin at 250C, 3 at 500C, etc.
    • Sans and Mad Mew Mew comment on the "fuzz" flying around if enough of it is on the screen.[3]
  • Attempting to donate more than 500C results in the extra C being returned to the protagonist as G at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Attempting to play poker with Sans is rejected because the table is too tall. Sans says he should put up a sign; on reentry, the sign is revealed to be a cardboard cutout of Sans, vertically stretched with JPEG artifacting. It claims that one must be as tall as the cutout (and JPEG artifacted) to play poker. If Sans is talked to about it, he talks about how Papyrus didn't find the previous height of the sink "challenging enough" and how Papyrus doesn't take shortcuts.[citation needed] Mad Mew Mew only acknowledges the sign's existence, although defeating Mettaton without acquiring the sign causes it to appear anyway and Mad Mew Mew to say she found it herself.

The slot machine awards different amounts of C for different matching patterns, starting from the left:[4]

  • One cherry: 2C
  • Two cherries: 5C
  • Three cherries: 10C
  • Three ghosts: 20C
  • Three bones: 30C
  • At random,[citation needed] an "Ikari Bonus": 20C, can combine with near bonus or a single cherry.
  • DOG: 75C
  • 777: 7C. The slot machine slows down until the next triple match or 'DOG'.
  • Three dog faces ("Dog Jackpot"): 150C or 170C and a jingle resembling Dogsong.
  • Two of anything but cherries ("Near Bonus"): 1C, a refund.

Like on the PlayStation versions, all donation levels are accompanied by "Dognation" achievements.


The Dog Shrine is a simple, singular room. While the shrine contents vary depending on the version of Undertale, the central feature is always centered against the back wall. It is located inside the cabinet of Papyrus's tall sink.

On the Nintendo Switch version, a yet smaller room behind the red and blue door contains the Mad Mew Mew doll.


  • In the PC version of the game, the PlayStation version of the Dog Shrine can be found in the files. This is likely because the Shrine was ported back when the PC version was updated with dialogue and bugfixes from the PlayStation version.
  • The gambling themes of the Xbox shrine raised Undertale's age rating from E10+ to Teen, but only for those versions. The rating was later changed back to E10+.[5]


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