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Dogamy and Dogaressa, collectively referred to as "Dogi", are a pair of minibosses encountered in Snowdin Forest. If spared, they appear later as NPCs in Grillby's. They are members of the Royal Guard.



They are near identical in appearance, both having round snouts, floppy ears, and muscular builds covered by dark hooded robes with the face of their spouse printed on the front. Their main differences in appearance being Dogamy's thick lowered brow, cowlick and pseudo-mustache, and Dogaressa's emphasized eyelashes. In battle, they both wield long battleaxes, with eyes that show features imitating those of their owners.


They primarily use their sense of smell to detect others, but not much else, implying their eyesight is inferior, much like Doggo, who either of them may be biologically related to. Despite this, they love each other dearly, and this is shown in their attacks in battle, using heart-shaped attacks and coordinating their axe strikes to form a heart-shape with the gaps between their blades. If either is killed in battle, the other's shirt is shown to have their spouse's picture on it, proving their love further. Each Dogi reacts differently towards the death of the other, with Dogamy falling into hopelessness and despair, while Dogaressa makes threats in a fit of rage, though both show their resentment toward the protagonist by growling and refusing to be pet.

Prior to the events of the game, the couple came #2 in the "Nose Nuzzle Championship '98," having lost the number one position to Toriel and Asgore.

Main Story

True Pacifist Route

Their yellow text in the credits of the game list them as being "finally" #1 Nose Nuzzle Champions; the previous number one champions (Toriel and Asgore) presumably being unable to participate in subsequent championships due to their divorce.

In the playable epilogue to the True Pacifist Route, the Dogi appear outside Snowdin library with Doggo, Greater Dog, and Endogeny. The amalgamate is revealed to contain the parents of both of the Dogi, and Dogamy muses on whether this means he is now married to his sister before dismissing it as something dogs often do regardless.

In Battle


If the protagonist first slays Dogaressa, Dogamy's attacks become weaker; conversely, if the protagonist slays Dogamy, Dogaressa's attacks become stronger.

  • Two axes are in the battle range. They rise a little before moving downward, moving in opposite directions. The attack ends with the axes creating a heart shape. To best avoid this attack, the SOUL should stay near the bottom of the Bullet Board and move under the axes when they rise.
  • Two dogs are on each side of the battle range, the one the left (Dogamy) barks a ring of eight hearts to the dog on the right (Dogaressa). Four of the hearts are blue, allowing the SOUL to enter and leave the ring if they do not dodge it.
  • If the protagonist slays Dogaressa, the only attack is the barking dogs, but there is only one dog barking on the left (Dogamy), which feebly barks a single heart towards the bottom of the screen. This represents Dogamy's sadness, as he becomes weaker and appears to be upset about Dogaressa's death in his quotes. The dog itself does not do actual damage.
  • If the protagonist slays Dogamy, the only attack is the two axes going across the battle area, but they rise and drop much more rapidly. This represents Dogaressa's anger, as she becomes stronger and appears to be angry about Dogamy's death in her quotes.



  • To spare them, the protagonist must Roll Around in the snow to disguise their scent, making the Dogi think that they are just a lost puppy, make them Re-Sniff the protagonist and then Pet both of them, opening their minds to the idea that dogs can pet other dogs.
  • Alternatively using the Stick as an item causes them to play fetch and can result in SPARE as well.


  • Killing Dogaressa makes Dogamy lose 30 DF, quickening the kill process. His attack becomes incredibly weak and easier to dodge, as the attack barely travels on the screen.



  • No. 2 Nuzzle Champs '98!! (Of course we were second.) [Neutral]
  • Let's kick human tail! (Do humans have tails?!?) [Neutral]
  • Don't touch my hot dog! (He means me...) [Neutral]
  • Take my wife...'s fleas. (Don't, actually.) [Neutral]
  • Paws off you smelly human. (That's not your husband, OK?) [Pet Dogamy before Re-sniff]
  • Stop! Don't touch her! (Beware of dog.) [Pet Dogaressa before Re-sniff]
  • What!? Smells like a... (Are you actually a little puppy!?) [Re-sniff after Roll Around]
  • Wow!! Pet by another pup!! (Well. Dont leave me out!) [Pet Dogamy]
  • What about me.............. (A dog that pets dogs... Amazing!) [Pet Dogaressa]
  • (Misery awaits you.) [Dogaressa Alone]
  • (I'll chop you in half!) [Dogaressa Alone]
  • (Kneel and suffer!) [Dogaressa Alone]
  • Whine. [Dogamy Alone]
  • Whimper. [Dogamy Alone]


  • What's that smell? (Where's that smell?)
  • If you're a smell... (... identify yoursmellf!)
  • Hmmm... Here's that weird smell... It makes me want to eliminate. (... Eliminate YOU!)
  • [If spared by rolling around and petting]
    • Dogs can pet other dogs??? (A new world has opened up for us...) Thanks, weird puppy!
    [If spared by using the Stick]
    • Weird smells can bring good things.. (Friendly fun fetch!)
    • Thanks, weird smell! (It sure was fun to "stick" together!)


  • You better watch where you sit down in here, kid. Because that big guy WILL jump into your lap and give you lots of love and attention. [Dogamy, initial]
  • We're sentries, but we never get any respect. I wish those skeletons would throw us a bone. We love bones! [Dogaressa, initial]
  • I was hoping Sans came in to give me a pat on the head. Interloper...! [Dogamy, after the hangout with Sans]
  • I like Sans. Sometimes he feeds us scraps of food from under the table. Then his brother gets mad... But why!? We're adults! We can handle it! [Dogaressa, after the hangout with Sans]
  • She hasn't been responding to our letters... Maybe it's because we let Doggo write them all. [Dogamy, after defeating Undyne]
  • We're considering paying a visit to the doctor. No! Not the vet! ... well, maybe she's a little like a vet. [Dogaressa, after defeating Undyne]
  • Where's that big lug? We can't start until he shows up. [Dogamy if Greater Dog has been killed]
  • Where's Doggo? I hope he didn't get lost again. [Dogaressa if Doggo has been killed]
  • It's lonely in here today. If our friends don't show up would you like to play? [Dogaressa if both Doggo and Greater Dog have been killed]
  • Smells kinda... quiet. [Dogamy if both Doggo and Greater Dog have been killed]
  • Where's Sans... He's supposed to give me a pat on the head... [Dogamy, if Papyrus is killed]
  • Where are those skeletons? I wanted to get a bone from them... [Dogaressa, if Papyrus is killed]

Flavor Text

  • Husband of Dogaressa. Knows only what he smells. [Check Dogamy]
  • This puppy finds her hubby lovely. SMELLS ONLY? [Check Dogaressa]
  • Dogi assault you! [Encounter]
  • The Dogs are saying sickly sweet things to each other. [Neutral]
  • The Dogs are practicing for the next couples contest. [Neutral]
  • The Dogs keep shifting their axes to protect each other. [Neutral]
  • The Dogs are re-evaluating your smell. [Neutral]
  • The Dogs are too suspicious of your smell. [Pet Dogamy before Roll Around and Re-Sniff]
  • The Dogaressa is too suspicious of your smell. [Pet Dogaressa before Roll Around and Re-Sniff]
  • You roll around in the dirt and snow. You smell like a weird puppy. [Roll Around]
  • The Dogs may want to re-smell you. [Turn after Roll Around]
  • The Dogs sniff you again... After rolling in the dirt, you smell all right! [Re-Sniff after Roll Around]
  • The dogs think you may be a lost puppy. [After Re-Sniff]
  • The Dogs already know you smell fine. [Re-Sniff again]
  • You pet Dogamy / the Dogaressa. [Pet one dog]
  • The Dogs' minds have been expanded. [Pet both dogs]
  • The Dogaressa is on the warpath. [Alone]
  • Dogamy is brokenhearted. [Alone]
  • Dogamy won't even lift up his snout. [Re-Sniff after Dogaressa is killed]
  • The Dogaressa won't even lift up her snout. [Re-Sniff after Dogamy is killed]
  • Dogamy just growls at you. [Pet after Dogaressa is killed]
  • The Dogaressa just growls at you. [Pet after Dogamy is killed]
  • You threw the stick and the dogs ran to get it. You played fetch for a while. [Use the Stick]
  • Every dog loves to play fetch!!! [Neutral, after using the Stick]
  • You threw the stick. But nothing happened. [Stick while alone]



  • Dogaressa is the term used for the wife of a doge, the title used by the rulers of the Renaissance-era Republic of Venice (now part of Italy), which ties into the Dogi's marriage theme. The name Dogamy is a wordplay on the suffix -gamy used to describe different forms of marriage (endogamy, monogamy, etc.) and ties in with the pair's marriage theme and the sign near their area that reads "Warning: Dog Marriage."
    • Dogaressa is sometimes referred as "the Dogaressa" in flavor text, implying that Dogaressa could be a title (as mentioned above) rather than her real name.
  • Dogaressa is occasionally referred to as a puppy, referring to the human habit of referring to affectionate partners by the similarly infantile baby.
  • Dogaressa's speech is always written between parentheses.
  • Similarly to the Royal Guards, it is impossible to kill one of the Dogi while sparing the other.
  • Unlike those of the other dog characters, the death of Lesser Dog has no effect on their post-encounter dialogue.
  • If the Dogi have been killed but Greater Dog is still alive, Doggo comments on their disappearance by saying "Where's the other two? I can't play with this big dumb guy alone... He'll just win!!!".
  • If the protagonist kills the Dogi during a Neutral Route, the bear arranging the Christmas presents under the tree in Snowdin tells the protagonist about their present exchange tradition and wonder where they are.
  • Before the battle with Undyne, she mentions Dogamy and Dogaressa if they were killed before.
  • If the protagonist re-reads the sign near the Dogi's area, the sign changes from "Warning: Dog Marriage" to "(Yes, you read that correctly)". Any sequential reads afterward read the original text.
  • If the protagonist reads the sniff sign in front of their house, the green smell is in red letters. This is a reference to dogs being colorblind between green and red.
  • If the player uses debug mode to kill one and spare the other, the game continues as if having killed both of them.
  • During the True Pacifist Ending Credits their nuzzles move from one side to the other, unlike in their battle.