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Did something move? Was it my imagination? I can only see moving things. If something WAS moving... For example, a human... I'll make sure it NEVER moves again!

Doggo, right before battle (Neutral Route)

Doggo is a miniboss in Snowdin Forest; he is the first character the protagonist encounters that uses blue attacks. If spared, the protagonist later encounters him as an NPC in Grillby's. He is a member of the Royal Guard.



Doggo appears to be a bipedal dog monster. He wears a cotton-candy-pink muscle shirt with a picture of a dog on the front, a ninja-like mask, and leopard-print stretch pants. He also has a brown belt, and white tail. His lower paws appear to be bare. He dual wields short swords similar to the typical King playing card.



Papyrus discussing Doggo.

Doggo's most notable feature is his inability to see stationary objects; he can only sense things that are moving, and he dislikes things and people that appear or transport themselves without physically moving (such as Sans). He seems to be occasionally unsure of himself and, if he sees something, checks to see if it moves again.

His in-battle description notes that his hobbies include "squirrels," which refers to a common dog's habit of chasing squirrels. He enjoys being pet by the protagonist, which can compromise his job as a sentry. It is hinted that Doggo smokes dog-treats similar to the conventional cigarette.

Main Story

Neutral Route

If the protagonist kills Doggo and spares Dogamy and Dogaressa, interacting with Dogaressa prompts her to ask, "Where's Doggo? I hope he didn't get lost again."

If the protagonist kills all other dog enemies, Doggo assumes that his friends are playing a prank on him by not moving.

True Pacifist Route

In the True Pacifist Route epilogue, Doggo stands outside of the Snowdin Library with his family. He expresses happiness that he can always see Endogeny; this is because the Amalgamate constantly vibrates and moves. The True Pacifist Ending Credits lists Doggo as having his own seeing-eye dog, something typical of people suffering from issues that hinder eyesight.

Genocide Route

Doggo's battle is the same on every route. However, as the protagonist approaches, Doggo shivers involuntarily even though he cannot "see" them.

In Battle


  • In battle, Doggo only uses a sweeping blue attack that appears as a short sword. Because he only sees things that are moving, this attack is Doggo's way to check if anyone is there.


If the protagonist gets hit by the blue attack after meeting Doggo’s spare conditions, he is no longer able to be spared.

  • After the protagonist survives one of Doggo's attacks without moving, his suspicions drop, and he can be pet. After petting him once, he becomes excited and confused. The protagonist can then spare him.
    • Petting Doggo multiple times leads to more dialogue. When he is pet for the fifth time, he says that he has had enough and regains his composure.
  • The protagonist can spare Doggo by throwing the Stick.



  • Did something move? Was it my imagination? I can only see moving things.
    • If something WAS moving... For example, a human... I'll make sure it NEVER moves again! [Neutral Route]
    • H... hey! I can't stop shivering all of a sudden. Who... who's there!? [Genocide Route]


  • Don't move an inch! [First turn]
  • Will it move this time? [Neutral]
  • MOVING? [Moved]
  • It moved! It didn't NOT move! [After moving]
  • WHAT!!! I'VE BEEN PET!!! [Pet]
    • POT? [Pet]
    • PAT? [Pet]
    • PET? [Pet]
  • THERE'S NO END TO IT!! [Pet #3]
  • WELL, THIS IS THOROUGH!!! [Pet #4]
  • OK. That's enough. [Pet #5+]
  • HUH!!! A FUN STICK APPEARS! [Use Stick]


  • S-S-S-Something pet me... something that isn't m-m-m-moving... I'm gonna need some dog treats for this!!! [After battle if petting was used to spare]
  • A stick appeared out of nowhere, then disappeared. Was it a ghost stick? Did I just return it to the afterlife? I need some dog treats to think about this. [After battle if the stick was used to spare]
  • Hello? Is anybody there...? No? [Ring bell #1]
  • Are you two playing a trick on me? Real funny. [Ring bell #2]
  • Big guy? Is that you? Come on... [Ring bell #3]
  • Well, it's not the tall skeleton... He's too loud. [Ring bell #4]
  • Whoever you are, knock it off!!! [Ring bell #5]
  • ... [Ring bell #6+]


  • I’m thinking of getting a spiked collar to show off my personality. It makes a statement like... “Attach a leash to me and take me for a walk please.” [Initial]
  • Where's the other two? I can't play with this big dumb guy alone... He'll just win!!! [If Dogi have been killed]
  • Sometimes the others like to prank me. They sit still so I can't see them. They must be here, playing a joke on me. I'll just wait until one of them admits it... [If all other dog characters have been killed]
  • Papyrus? Is that you? Come on... [If Papyrus is killed]
  • Huh? Since when did you and Sans become friends...? I don't like him. He loves to appear without moving. [After the hangout with Sans at Grillby's]
  • He may not look like it, but this big guy writes the most eloquent letters. Here, take a look! (It's just the word "Bark" but in flowery cursive) [After defeating Undyne]

Flavor Text

  • Easily excited by movement. Hobbies include: squirrels. [Check]
  • Doggo blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • Doggo is confirming the moving object. [After moving]
  • Doggo can't seem to find anything. [After not moving]
  • Doggo is too suspicious of your movements. [Pet, first turn]
  • Doggo has been pet. [Pet, after not moving]
  • You threw the stick and the dog ran to get it. You played fetch for a while. [Use Stick]
  • Doggo loves fetch!!! [Turn after Stick]



Doggo appreciates Endogeny's company. Since Endogeny is a perpetually moving amalgamation, Doggo can always see them.

Dogamy and Dogaressa

Doggo plays table games with Dogamy and Dogaressa at Grillby's. They sometimes prank Doggo by taking advantage of his inability to see non-moving things. Despite this, Doggo hangs out with them, and Dogaressa expresses concern when Doggo does not show up to play card games.

Greater Dog

Greater Dog also plays table games with Doggo, Dogamy, and Dogaressa. Even though Doggo calls Greater Dog a "big dumb guy," he admits that Greater Dog would beat him at cards. In the True Pacifist Route epilogue, Doggo also tells the protagonist that Greater Dog writes articulate letters. However, the protagonist notes that these letters are simply the word "Bark" written in "flowery cursive."



  • Doggo's name derives from doggo, which means "to remain motionless and quiet to escape detection"; this references Doggo's vision impairment. His name is a pun and contains the word dog; the name of every dog monster incorporates these two traits.
  • Doggo's visual impairment exists in real life and is known as Riddoch syndrome.
  • There is a poster that reads "Wan" in Doggo's sentry station. Wan (ワン) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for barking. Doggo also says this word when pet.
  • Doggo smoking dog treats may be a reference to Mel Gibson's character in Lethal Weapon 3; this character ate dog treats while kicking his smoking habit.[3]
  • When interacted with, he does not open his mouth while he speaks. Instead, he shifts his eyes around.
  • Doggo is the only dog monster that does not use Annoying Dog sprite attacks.
  • If the protagonist only kills Doggo and spares the rest of the Snowdin Canine Unit, Undyne comments that Doggo always made her laugh.


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