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somehow, at the end of the day...
a small, white dog became president of the underground.
it sleeps on the throne and does absolutely nothing.
strangely, it seems this is the best life for everyone.

Sans during the Dog Ending

Dogsong is the 21st track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during the battle against the Greater Dog miniboss (at 0.95 speed), when the Annoying Dog steals the legendary artifact in the Artifact Room, and in the end of Hard Mode after defeating Toriel.

It is composed using the SoundFont of Mario Paint and Mario Paint Composer similar to some of Toby Fox's other compositions such "Karkat's Theme" and "Walls Covered In Blood." However, some notes are too low to replicate in either game. Dogsong and Tem Shop both derive from the same melody, of which is from Enemy Approaching.

A faster version of this song plays if the protagonist decides to spare Sans when presented the opportunity during the Genocide Route while showing the message "geeettttttt dunked on!!!"

In the Dog Ending, where the protagonist only kills the bosses, it plays while Sans explains that "a small, white dog" took the throne and the Underground is better than ever. In the "Dirty Hacker" ending, which can only be achieved by reaching the end by way of altering the game's files, this song plays as well.

A very slowed down, distorted, echo-intensified version of this song is found while fighting Endogeny, one of the Amalgamates. A slightly slower and low-pitched version of the song also plays once Endogeny can be spared.

A version of this that uses the SoundFont of Super Mario World (known as Absolutely Overfamiliar Shrine) plays in the PlayStation version of the Dog Shrine if enough donations are made. In the Nintendo Switch version, a haunting piano rendition of the first eight notes plays when interacting with the lock on the door behind the broken shrine.


  • Since the Annoying Dog is supposed to represent Toby Fox, this is considered his "theme."
  • This song does not follow a strict rhythm, especially towards the ends of the bars.