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For the enemy encountered in Waterfall and their theme, see Mad Dummy or Dummy!.

The Dummy is an enemy found in the Ruins. It is the second enemy encountered in the game and serves as the tutorial battle.



The Dummy's appearance is that of most dummies: structured with a head, body, stand and no arms. It is implied to have a cloth-like material composing it (listed as cotton in its check and in Toriel's dialogue after fleeing the dummy) and has visible stitches. It has buttons for eyes, as revealed by its check text.


As it has no dialogue, the Dummy's personality (or the personality of the ghost possessing it) is unknown. However, the Mad Dummy reveals that they were "a shy sort," and their reaction to any of the protagonist's possible actions suggests that they are sensitive.

Main Story

Toriel sets up a tutorial encounter with the Dummy to teach the protagonist the basics of ACTing. Toriel's comment after the encounter and the Mad Dummy's dialogue vary depending on what the protagonist does to the Dummy. Destroying the Dummy does not abort the attempt at the True Pacifist Route.

  • If the protagonist talks to the Dummy, Toriel congratulates them. Mad Dummy is infuriated about the "horrible" things the protagonist said.
  • If the protagonist fights the Dummy, Toriel gently admonishes them. Mad Dummy is upset with how the protagonist took away the Dummy's future chance of becoming corporeal.
  • If the protagonist flees from the Dummy, Toriel acknowledges that fleeing can be a useful strategy, but points out that it was clearly unnecessary in that situation as the Dummy cannot attack or seek revenge. Mad Dummy is outraged that the protagonist walked away from the Dummy, saying they were a "shy sort" and that the protagonist broke their little ethereal heart.
  • If the protagonist checks, spares or misses attacks for 8 turns, it gets bored of the protagonist's aimless shenanigans and floats away. After this, Toriel stares in disbelief, then continues through the Ruins as if nothing happened. Mad Dummy is disgusted by the protagonist's behavior and is glad the Dummy left like any self-respecting specter.

Later on, a trio of identical ghost possessed Dummies will appear to tell the protagonist a segment of the story of Prince Asriel.

In Battle


There are multiple ways to deal with the Dummy (as listed above). However, the actions do not affect what route the protagonist is traversing and only changes Toriel and Mad Dummy's (before their fight) dialogue. As the Dummy cannot attack, there is no danger of being harmed during the battle.

Flavor Text

  • You encountered the Dummy. [Encounter]
  • A cotton heart and a button eye | You are the apple of my eye [Check]
  • You talk to the DUMMY. | ... | It doesn't seem much for conversation. | TORIEL seems happy with you. [Talk]
  • Dummy stands around absentmindedly. [Neutral]
  • Dummy looks like it's about to fall over. [Neutral]
  • Dummy tires of your aimless shenanigans. [Remaining idle by sparing, checking or failing to attack for several consecutive turns]


Mad Dummy

A spirit possesses the Dummy, the spirit who is Mad Dummy's cousin. As said above, Mad Dummy's dialogue leading up to their battle depends on the protagonist's actions toward the Dummy. As all actions the protagonist does Mad Dummy considers hostile and wrong, they engage the protagonist in combat, even becoming Glad Dummy due to their anger should the protagonist traverse a Genocide Route. The whole purpose of Mad Dummy's fight is because of their anger toward the protagonist due to their actions toward the Dummy, seemingly showing that Mad Dummy cares for their cousin; however, Mad Dummy also forgets Dummy's name, making it unclear how much they really care for them.


  • If the protagonist talks to Toriel twice before fighting the Dummy, she tells them that they can say anything to the Dummy and they will not be bothered, contrary to what Mad Dummy says later if they choose to talk to them.