Futile. Futile! FUTILE!

Mad Dummy

Dummy! is the 36th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during the fight with the Mad Dummy. It is a much quicker, repetitive and energetic version of Ghost Fight, and also features a B (1:16-1:47) and C section (2:10-2:25).


  • The repetitions in the melody match Mad Dummy's habit of repeating things when they speak.
  • The backing of Dummy! starting from 0:08 sounds similar to the backing of the Homestuck song Black starting at 1:41.
  • This is one of many pieces of music in Undertale to borrow from the EarthBound soundfont, in this case, the instrumentation of the main melody uses the voice of Venus during her performance at the Topolla Theater.[1]


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