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The Eight Humans are the humans from the Surface who fell through the Barrier on Mount Ebott into the Underground. Among them are the first human, the protagonist, and the six other human SOULs that Asgore has collected.

Each SOUL Mode and colored attack type corresponds to one of the seven humans that fell before the protagonist.

Main Story

Before the events of the game, seven human children[1] fell into the Underground and died through their journey.

The first human and their adoptive family

Asriel found and befriended the first human. The royal family adopted the human and treated them as a second child. The human became deathly ill by eating buttercups and requested to see the Golden Flowers from their village, but the monsters could not fulfill this request because of the barrier.

After the human died, Asriel absorbed their SOUL, and the human (who also had control of the shared body) carried their own empty body through the barrier to their village.[2] Ultimately, the humans on the surface fatally wounded Asriel thinking he took the human child's life.

He retreated back to the Underground where he collapsed in the throne room in New Home. After his death, Asgore declared war on humanity and pledged to kill any human that fell into the Underground.[3] Toriel then left for the Ruins because his actions disgusted her.[4]

Sometime after the first human fell in 201X,[5][6] six humans climbed Mount Ebott, fell into the Underground, and died, assumedly by the hands of monsters. It is unknown how far they had made through the Underground. Each of them had their associated items, but it is unknown why they climbed the mountain or how the items were scattered. Asgore collected each of their SOULs for later use, and he also put their bodies in coffins in the basement of New Home.

The protagonist is the eighth human to fall, and their SOUL is the last needed to break the barrier permanently.[7]

Neutral Route

The coffins holding the bodies of previous fallen humans are found in New Home. The first human's coffin is empty because Toriel took their body with her to the Ruins.[8] Toriel buried them under the flowerbed that the protagonist initially falls on at the beginning of their journey through the Underground.

Near the end of the Neutral Route, Asgore reveals the six human SOULs which Flowey ultimately absorbs to become Photoshop Flowey.

Flowey absorbing the human SOULs

During six segments of Photoshop Flowey's fight, each human SOUL attacks the player. Pressing the ACT button which appears during each segment causes the protagonist to call for help. Each SOUL then answers the protagonist's call and aids them with healing green attacks. Flowey's defense drops slightly every time the protagonist calls to one of the SOULs for help. After the protagonist defeats him, the human SOULs revolt against Flowey, and he loses his powers before he reverts to his earlier flower form.

After the credits, Sans tells the protagonist that the SOULs have disappeared, precluding the plan of breaking the barrier with them.[9]

True Pacifist Route

On the True Pacifist Route, Toriel tells Asgore that he only needed one SOUL to leave the Underground and that he could have spared the other fallen humans if he had peacefully collected the other six from the Surface.[10]

Flowey absorbs the six human SOULs and most of the monsters' SOULs to transform into Asriel as a child. Shortly after, he becomes the "God of Hyperdeath" and his battle begins.

After the protagonist SAVEs the Lost Souls, Asriel reverts to his childlike form, destroys the barrier, and releases the SOULs.

During the epilogue, the protagonist finds that the coffins in New Home's basement are now open and that the first human's coffin has mummy wrappings in it.[11]

Genocide Route

Main article: Chara#Genocide Route

The fallen human giving the 'choice' of erasing the world or letting it be.

At the end of the Genocide Route, the fallen human appears in person. It is unknown whether they are speaking to the player or the protagonist. They say that "determination" and a "human SOUL" brought them back from death, and that with guidance they realized the purpose of this reincarnation was power.[12]

The fallen human attacks the screen, dealing unreadable levels of damage, and the game closes. After launching it again, the fallen human appears after ten minutes and offers to recreate the world in exchange for a human SOUL, most likely the protagonist's.

List of human SOULs

During the Photoshop Flowey fight, the SOULs attack the protagonist with their related weapons found throughout the game. When playing the Ball Game, the protagonist may achieve any of seven flag colors, all with a different message and each corresponding to one of the SOUL colors (Red, Light Blue, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, and Yellow.)

The following is a list of SOUL colors and the details associated with them.

For more details, see Ball Game.
Color Trait Items Combat Photoshop Flowey Sprite
Red Unknown
  • Normal Mode: Free movement. Sprouts legs when running away.
  • Red Attacks: Do not deal damage directly but warn of powerful incoming attacks.
Light Blue Patience[13] Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon in the Ruins. Light Blue Attacks: Inflicts damage unless the SOUL does not move. Attacks with Spinning Knives. Heals with Bandages. Light Blue SOUL
Orange Bravery[13] Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna from the Snowdin Shopkeeper. Orange Attacks: Inflicts damage unless the SOUL moves through them. Attacks with Spinning Gloves. Heals with Thumbs Ups. Orange SOUL
Blue Integrity[13] Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu in Waterfall. Jump Mode: Gravity affects the SOUL, with the SOUL falling back to the bottom of the Bullet Board after a jump. Attacks with Ballet Shoes and Stars. Heals with Quaver/Eighth Music Notes. Blue SOUL
Purple Perseverance[13] Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses from Gerson. Trap Mode: The SOUL's movement is restricted to horizontal purple lines. Attacks with Books and Negative Words. Heals with Positive Words. Purple SOUL
Green Kindness[13] Burnt Pan and Stained Apron in Hotland.
  • Shield Mode: Standing still and shielding from Undyne's spears.
  • Green Attacks: Heals the protagonist and/or progresses the battle.
Attacks with Frying Pans and Fire. Heals with Fried Eggs. Green SOUL
Yellow Justice[13] Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat from Bratty and Catty.
  • Shooter Mode: SOUL is turned upside down, and shoots bullets upward. Can be used to destroy certain objects.
  • Yellow Attacks: act as an on/off switch for movement, specifically, Mettaton EX's legs.
Attacks with a Loaded Gun. Heals with Four-Leaf Clovers. Yellow SOUL

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