This is where Undyne and I come all the time... We find all sorts of great stuff here.

Alphys, True Pacifist Route

The Garbage Dump is a region at the low point of Waterfall, where garbage from both the Underground and the Surface accumulates.



The Garbage Dump is an area at the base of a waterfall which is covered in garbage. Similar to the rest of Waterfall, it is characterized by dark blue water and purple walls, but uniquely includes colorful garbage piles. There also is a single bed of Golden Flowers.

The following garbage can be found in the area:

  • A rusted bike
  • A beat up desktop computer
  • A cooler containing Astronaut Food
  • A DVD case for an anime with claw marks
  • Yellow Names, if the protagonist turned off Yellow Text for indicating when monsters can be SPARED earlier in the Ruins room with up to three Froggits.
  • On the console versions, the Donation Box can be found discarded in the dump after killing Papyrus.

Main Story


Alphys in the Garbage Dump.

After being chased by Undyne along a long bridge in Waterfall, the protagonist is cornered. Undyne attempts to kill them by collapsing the bridge, and they plummet down and black out. While unconscious, they experience a recollection of Asriel's voice speaking to the fallen human. The protagonist wakes up on a bed of golden flowers.

As they make their way out of the dump, they encounter Mad Dummy, who must be defeated. Afterward, in a Neutral or True Pacifist game, Napstablook offers to the protagonist the opportunity to visit their nearby house.

True Pacifist Route

The "date" with Alphys happens in the garbage dump. According to Alphys in the True Lab notes, the Garbage Dump is her element since she felt guilty about the things she has done with the Amalgamates, explaining her confusing point of interest.


  • Inspecting trash heaps multiple times gives differing messages, similar to the snow poffs in Snowdin Forest.
  • Bratty and Catty get their wares from the Garbage Dump.
  • The Garbage Dump is the location where Undyne met Alphys for the first time, where Alphys was staring into the abyss where the garbage flowed. It was a surprise encounter for them, and both considered it a good place of interest that way.
  • Considering the DVD present in this location is of an anime and has scratch marks engraved on it, it is likely the cover was owned by Alphys. It is unknown what led to its current state, however.
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