Gyftrot is a monster the protagonist encounters in Snowdin Forest. They are later found as an NPC in the room they are encountered in.



Gyftrot appears to have the body of a reindeer with noticeable differences. They have a mouth that opens sideways which contain a bunch of pointy teeth. Their antlers branch in three different directions, two of them pointing up having pine trees on top of them. They also appear to have a pair of eyes on their antlers. Other basic details are the four polka dots on their back, and the variety of decorations they have on. The protagonist can either add googly eyes to Gyftrot, or undecorate them.



Papyrus's phone call in Gyftrot's Room

Gyftrot is a paranoid and irritated monster. This behavior arose due to some other monsters (likely kids) decorating them without their consent. When the protagonist meets Gyftrot, they get very irritated from their presence since the protagonist also has a "youthful demeanor." Defying this, if the protagonist undecorates Gyftrot, they would be forever grateful and start to trust them. However, if the protagonist decorates them afterward, this comes as a surprise attack and crushes Gyftrot's trust for them, making them even more paranoid than they were before. According to Papyrus, Gyftrot really likes receiving gifts.

In Battle


  • Presents shuffle, then rise from the screen, with one being Blue. They may be stationary or moving when they rise.
  • Snowflakes fall from above in wave patterns.


At the start of the battle, Gyftrot has several decorations hanging from their antlers. The protagonist can spare Gyftrot after removing all decorations.

When undecorated, the protagonist can give Gyftrot a gift.


  • Get this off of me... [Neutral, first turn]
  • Hohohoh! Go ahead and laugh... [Neutral]
  • Leave me alone... [Neutral]
  • Is this funny to you? [Neutral]
  • That's a little better. [Undecorate]
  • A weight has been lifted. [Completely undecorated]
  • How do I know it's not a trick? [Gift before undecorating fully]
  • Thanks for nothing! [Undecorate after decorating]
  • Aw, you shouldn' have... [Gift after undecorating fully]
  • You even wrapped it... [Gift with no GOLD after undecorating fully]
  • Er... those are real. [Undecorate after undecorating fully]
  • I WAS STARTING TO TRUST YOU!!! [Decorate after undecorating fully]

Flavor Text

  • Some teens "decorated" it as a prank. [Check]
  • Gyftrot confronts you! [Encounter]
  • Gyftrot distrusts your youthful demeanor. [Neutral]
  • Ah, the scent of fresh pine needles. [Neutral]
  • Gyftrot laments its lack of hands. [Neutral]
  • Gyftrot tries vainly to remove its decorations. [Neutral]
  • You add some googly eyes you found on the ground. [Decorate]
  • Can't improve upon perfection. [Decorate a second time]
  • Gyftrot stumbles blindly. [Neutral, after decorating]
  • You remove [the/a] [item]. [Undecorate]
  • Gyftrot seems slightly less irritated. [Neutral, Undecorate]
  • Gyftrot's problems have been taken away. [Neutral, Undecorate completely]
  • You try to undecorate...? [Undecorate after undecorating fully]
  • Gyftrot looks disappointed. [Neutral, Decorating after undecorating fully]
  • You give 35 G because you can't think of an appropriate gift. [Gift with 35 or more GOLD]
  • You give your remaining money because you can't think of a better gift. [Gift with 1 to 35 GOLD]
  • Hey now. You aren't made of money. [Gift after gifting with GOLD]
  • You give the cheapest gift of all... Friendship. [Gift with no GOLD]
  • Hey now. You aren't made of friendship. [Gift after gifting with friendship]
  • Gyftrot refuses your gift. [Gift before fully undecorated or after decorating]
  • Gyftrot's antlers tremble. [Low HP]


  • Gyftrot's name is likely a combination of "gift" and "trot." The word "gift" may refer to Gyftrot's Christmas theme and may also be a hint that the protagonist should use the Gift action on them; "trot" may refer to the way that Gyftrot walks. Although they are never seen walking in-game, it can be assumed from their name and appearance that Gyftrot would walk like a reindeer or a deer.
  • Due to being heckled by monsters in and around Snowdin Forest, Gyftrot has inspired a Christmas-like tradition among monsters of the Underground, specifically those in Snowdin.
  • In the epilogue of the True Pacifist Route, Gyftrot says that they will stay behind, stating that they will finally get some peace and quiet.
  • If the protagonist puts googly eyes back on Gyftrot after undecorating them fully, they say how they were starting to trust them, and do not accept further gifts.
  • At the start of the battle, Gyftrot has three of the following decorations:
    • Barbed wire made of pipe cleaners
    • A lenticular bookmark of a smug teen winking
    • A striped cane that says “I use this tiny cane to walk” on it
    • A childhood photograph of Snowdrake and his parent
    • A small, confused dog
    • A stocking filled with chicken nuggets
    • A box of non-dog-related raisins
    • A shirt that says ‘I’m with stupid’ and points inward
  • Gyftrot's angled eyes above a sideways downward mouth bear resemblance to Photoshop Flowey.

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