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You want to leave so badly?
Hmph. You are just like the others.
There is only one solution to this.
Prove yourself...
Prove to me you are strong enough to survive.

Toriel before the fight.

Heartache is the 14th track in the Undertale Soundtrack and the 12th track in the Undertale Demo OST. It plays during the fight against Toriel.

In the Undertale Demo OST it has a unique loop.


  • According to an interview with Toby Fox, this was one of the six tracks originally composed for other projects. The other five were Fallen Down, Nyeh Heh Heh!, Bonetrousle, Another Medium, and MEGALOVANIA.
    • Toby Fox also said that Heartache, Nyeh Heh Heh!, and Bonetrousle were initially made for another RPG idea.[1] This idea was eventually developed into Deltarune.
    • Toby Fox later revealed that the original title of Heartache was "Joker Battle", implying that it may have originally been Jevil's theme before it was repurposed for Undertale.[2]
  • The track name itself is most likely referring to the heartache that Toriel feels while fighting the protagonist, since she cares deeply for them.
    • ASGORE quotes Heartache in its B section (0:34-1:50), possibly because he doesn't want to hurt humans either. Another reason for this may be referencing their relationship.
  • The track is played at x0.97 speed in the Fangamer Demo (1:04-2:56).


  1. papyrus's theme (and its variation) and heartache were boss and battle themes for an rpg game idea i had before but did not do - Toby Fox, Twitter
  2. That game… I ended up repurposing a few of the songs from it for Undertale. For example, “Heartache” was originally called “Joker Battle” and “Bonetrousle” was originally the main battle theme. - Toby Fox, Indie World