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The Last Corridor (also known among fans as the Judgement Hall) is the corridor that leads to the Throne Room in New Home.


Main Story

Neutral Route

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all that's important is that you were honest with yourself.
what happens now...
we leave up to you.

Sans, after the protagonist reflects on their actions

Sans judging the protagonist during the Neutral Route.

After walking halfway through the corridor, the protagonist encounters Sans as a silhouetted figure, paralleling their first encounter with him in Snowdin Forest. He initially speaks without his typeface and explains EXP and LOVE. Sans then asks the protagonist to look within themself and question if they have done the right thing.[2] After a moment, he comments that it does not matter what the protagonist said, so long as they were honest with themself. Loading a SAVE and hearing Sans's introduction again prompts him to judge the protagonist on their earned EXP.

If the protagonist gained no EXP in a Neutral Route, Sans abridges his introductory dialogue and comments on their lack of LOVE.[3] After this judgement, reloading a SAVE and talking to Sans prompts him to offer a secret codeword.[4] After repeating this process a few times, the protagonist obtains the key to Sans's room.

If the protagonist killed Papyrus, Sans suspects that they may have some sort of "special power" and questions the protagonist if they should use that power to do the right thing.[5] Regardless of their answer, he reminds them about his dead brother and ends the judgement there.[6][7] Sans does not judge the protagonist on their EXP and LOVE, and this sequence repeats if the protagonist reloads their SAVE.

After his dialogue, Sans vanishes, and the protagonist can progress.

True Pacifist Route

Sans is not present in the Last Corridor during the True Pacifist Route, and the SAVE Point is missing.

Genocide Route

Main article: Sans/In Battle

do you wanna have a bad time?
'cause if you take another step forward...
you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.


Sans's dialogue before his battle.

In addition to the SAVE Point, a box is present, unlike in other routes. This is the location of the final encounter against Sans, in the Genocide Route. Sans attempts to prevent the protagonist from progressing because he believes they are the entity that ends the timeline.[8]

After defeating Sans, the protagonist can progress to the Throne Room.


The Delta Rune is present on all windows.

The Last Corridor is a yellow-hued room adorned with windows bearing the Delta Rune. White light shines through the mosaic windows, and Greek pillars border the corridor in both the foreground and background.

The goldenrod palette of this room may allude to the yellow SOUL which represents justice. The dual meaning of the word "justice" is a pun; Sans acts as a justice or a judge, and he also is just in character because he displays neutrality and objectivity. Sans also delivers justice to the protagonist if they are on the Genocide Route.


  1. You will be judged for your every action. You will be judged for every EXP you've earned. - Sans
  2. Look inside yourself. Have you really done the right thing? And, considering what you've done... What will you do now? - Sans
  3. you never gained LOVE, but you gained love. does that make sense? maybe not. - Sans
  4. i kind of have a secret codeword that only i know. so i know if someone tells it to me... they'll have to be a time traveller. - Sans
  5. this is an odd thing to say, but... if you have some sort of special power... isn't it your responsibility to do the right thing? - Sans
  6. ah. i see. ... Then why'd you kill my brother? - Sans, if the protagonist answered yes to his question.
  7. heh. well, that's your viewpoint. i won't judge you for it. ... You dirty brother killer. - Sans, if the protagonist answered no to his question.
  8. our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting... until suddenly, everything ends. heh heh heh... that's your fault, isn't it? - Sans