A leitmotif (/ˌlaɪtmoʊˈtiːf/) is a musical "phrase" or melody, re-used in multiple songs to associate a tune with a person, event, or place.

The extensive use of leitmotifs in Undertale's soundtrack and other sound files helps create a nostalgic mood for the game and often evokes emotional responses in players. Toby Fox has stated that the majority of Undertale's soundtrack was composed using reiterations of free SoundFonts and synths.[1]

Attempts have been made at documenting all of the leitmotifs used in the game; players frequently find new connections, and it may be impossible to list them all conclusively. Every single piece of data is open to interpretation and any change should be explained in this page's history description.

Timestamps found below are approximate to one second and are sourced from this playlist, which reflects the timing of the official soundtrack.

Once Upon a Time

Leitmotif once upon a time

This leitmotif can be considered as the main theme of Undertale. It's the most common melody of the game, playing in seventeen tracks.[2]


Flowey has two leitmotifs relating to him.

Your Best Friend

Flowey leitmotif

This leitmotif occurs in seven songs, and one unused audio file.[5]

Your Best Nightmare

This leitmotif is used in four songs and one unused audio file.[citation needed]


Leitmotif toriel

Toriel's theme. This song is used in three songs and one song from the demo OST.[citation needed]


Leitmotif ruins

This leitmotif can be considered as the Underground theme, appearing in twelve official songs and 2 unused sound files.[citation needed]

Enemy Approaching

Leitmotif anticipation

This leitmotif is related to enemies or dogs. It appears in seven songs and one unused song.[citation needed]

Ghost Fight

Leitmotif ghost

This leitmotif is used in six songs.[10]


Leitmotif determination

The leitmotif for death. This song is used in two songs, one unlisted song and an unused audio file.[11]


Leitmotif sans

Sans's theme. Found in four songs, one of which is never played in the game.[citation needed]


Leitmotif papyrus

Papyrus' theme. Found in four songs, one of which is never played in the game.[12]


These leitmotifs have two separate meanings to them.


Leitmotif hopes

The theme of Snowdin. Used in six songs.[14]


Used to represent friendship, love or happiness. Used in eight songs.[15]


Leitmotif undyne

Undyne's theme. Used in eight songs.[citation needed]

Another Medium

Leitmotif another medium

Theme of Hotland. Used in five songs.[citation needed] The theme originates from the song "Doctor" from Homestuck.[17]


Leitmotif alphys

Alphys' theme. Used in five songs, one of which was unused.[18]


Mettaton's themes.

It's Showtime!

Leitmotif showtime

Mettaton's main theme. Found in four songs and at least one other sound file.[citation needed]


The bassline of It's Showtime! is present in three Mettaton-related songs. It is considered as a separate leitmotif, as it has an entirely different melody.

Metal Crusher

Leitmotif mettaton

Mettaton's battle theme. Used in three songs.[citation needed] This leitmotif originates from Noisemaster's Theme from Cucumber Quest. [19]


Leitmotif bergentrückung

Asgore's theme. Used in three songs.[20]


Leitmotif his theme

Asriel's theme. Used in five songs.[21]

  • Memory
  • Undertale 0:00-2:47, 3:27-6:21 (at times, the melody is barely perceptible among overlapping music. It is heard on a guitar for most of the song, becoming hard to distinguish after 3:27 ; the tune switches to a more audible sample after 4:42, to a quiet background piano at the key change around 5:20, and back to the second SoundFont at 5:57)
  • The Choice (imperceptible), as it is a part of Undertale which contains the barely-audible Memory
  • Finale 0:40-0:57[22]
  • His Theme


Minor Leitmotifs

Uncommon leitmotifs.[citation needed]

Similar samples

  • Sample used in Barrier is used in Amalgam[23]
  • Sample used in Ooo is used in Waterfall (0:14-0:25)
  • A version of Flowey's laugh is used in Your Best Nightmare (0:16-0:22)
  • mus_smile is Muffet's laugh, sped up, reversed, and looped.[24]
  • Multiple songs from the soundtrack use instrument samples from other games.


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