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  • Being a Member of The Chara Protection Squad, I am going to share my theory on Chara's Intentions, There are many different theorys about this, so I am going to share my own. First possibility, Chara could just want to come Back, Much Like W.D Gaster. Just imagine being betrayed by your Literal only friend? How painful would that be? Chara could just want to steal your SOUL So they can reset the timeline and all the innocent lives you have taken, Bring Asriel back somehow, Break the Barrier, and live with the Dreemurr Family again. But, This is only one possibillity, and I still have one more to share. Last Possibilty, Chara might want to get revenge on the monsters that killed 6 INNOCENT CHILDREN so they might want to protect you, Since they were the first human to fall underground, and they might have heard Asgore's plan to kill any human that fell down after Asriel's death, and Chara took action to prevent this from happening, but they failed to protect the Seven before you, and are trying their hardest to not let you, the Eight Human from Death, and Succeed. I personally Believe that Chara is Encouraging you to never give up every time you die, and combined with the power of Your Determination, Chara succeeds to help you.

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  • hoi tem can i buy some tem flakes? haw mach gold?

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