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Moldsmal (/ˈmoʊldˌsmɔːl/) is a species of monster encountered in the Ruins and Waterfall. Its Hard Mode counterpart is Moldessa, while another version of it, Moldbygg, also appears in Waterfall.



Moldsmal bears a resemblance to and is described as lime gelatin, specifically lime gelatin mold. While it has no overworld sprite and therefore no confirmed color, one can guess from the mention of lime gelatin that Moldsmal is a light green color. In Waterfall, it is described as having a different color, but the color is unknown. One Moldsmal also appears as pink in the Mt. Ebott tarot card.


Moldsmal does not actually say anything in its dialogue; it only makes noises comparable to a slime. In its Check, Moldsmal is described as being "Curvaceously attractive, but [with] no brains." In its flavor text, Moldsmal acts patient and pensive, as it is willing to rest on the floor for a while and is described as ruminating.

In Battle

Appears With

  • Up to two other Moldsmals
  • Migosp
  • Moldbygg (Disguised as a Moldsmal)


  • Moldsmal causes several small pellets to fall in a zigzag pattern from the top of the box to the bottom.
  • Moldsmal causes several pellets to fall from the top of the box, which explodes into circles of smaller pellets after falling a short distance.


  • Moldsmal can be immediately spared, although imitating or flirting with it first gives it a yellow name in the credits and gives one gold.


  • Squorch... [Neutral]
  • Burble burb... [Neutral]
  • *Slime sounds* [Neutral]
  • *Sexy wiggle* [Neutral]

Flavor Text

  • Stereotypical: Curvaceously attractive, but no brains... [Check in Ruins]
  • It's a different color, so it's a bit stronger now. [Check in Waterfall]
  • Moldsmal blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • Moldsmal and Moldsmal block the way. [Encounter with another Moldsmal]
  • You tripped into a line of Moldsmals. [Encounter with other Moldsmals]
  • Migosp crawled up close! [Encounter with Migosp]
  • You walk into Moldsmal. [Encounter with another Moldsmal in Waterfall]
  • Moldsmal waits pensively. [Neutral]
  • Moldsmal burbles quietly. [Neutral]
  • Moldsmal is ruminating. [Neutral]
  • The aroma of lime gelatin wafts through. [Neutral]
  • You lie immobile with Moldsmal. You feel like you understand the world a little better. [Imitate]
  • You wiggle your hips. Moldsmal wiggles back. What a meaningful conversation! [Flirt]
  • Moldsmal has started to spoil. [Low HP]


  • Moldsmal's name is likely a combination of mold (as in a gelatin mold, which Moldsmal looks like) and small (referring to Moldsmal's size compared to Moldbygg).
  • The Moldsmals in Waterfall are reportedly a different color than the one in the Ruins, shown by Checking it.
  • Moldsmal is the only monster in the game to appear in three different locations in a single playthrough: Ruins, Waterfall, and New Home.