It's the frozen treat that warms your heart!

Nice Cream Guy

Nice Cream is a consumable item sold by the Nice Cream Guy in several locations. The wrapper says something nice when eaten.

Flavor Text

  • You're super spiffy! [Use]
  • Are those claws natural? [Use]
  • Love yourself! I love you! [Use]
  • You look nice today! [Use]
  • (An illustration of a hug) [Use]
  • Have a wonderful day! [Use]
  • Is this as sweet as you? [Use]
  • You're just great! [Use]


  • Carrying an umbrella lowers the cost of Nice Cream to 15G when the Nice Cream Guy is in Waterfall.
  • According to the sign in Waterfall, there are 21 different Nice Cream flavors.
  • Nice Cream is possibly a reference to the first page of the webcomic And It Don't Stop.
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