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Parsnik (/ˈpɑːrsnɪk/) is a monster the protagonist encounters in Undertale, appearing throughout the Ruins only on Hard Mode. It is a stronger variation of Vegetoid, with snakes on its head.



Parsnik looks slightly different from its normal counterpart. Its figure is now somewhat skinnier, and its face is different too: its mouth has a more snake-like look, while two white pupils can be seen within its eyes. On top of its head, it has wiggling snakes.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Multiple snakes pour from above and bounce about on the sides of the Bullet Board.
  • Multiple snakes drop from above, disappearing at the bottom of the Bullet Board.


  • Choosing "Snack" causes it to make one of its usual attacks, with one of the bullets colored green. Touching the green bullets heal one HP and allows Parsnik to be spared.
  • Choosing "Devour" when Parsnik is ready to be spared heals 5 HP and ends the fight.


  • Hersssss [Neutral]
  • Hisssss [Neutral]
  • Don't Be Rude [Hiss]
  • Eat Your Green Tasty Snakes [Snack]
  • Ate Your Green Tasty Snakes [Snack]

Flavor Text

  • This cobrafied carrot has a headful of tasty snakes. [Check]
  • Parsnik slithered out of the earth! [Encounter]
  • Parsniks hissed out of the earth! [Encounter with other Parsnik]
  • Parsnik completely closes its mouth. It looks short and weird. [Neutral]
  • Snakes play with a beach ball. [Neutral]
  • Parsnik has a hissy fit. [Neutral]
  • Smells like tasty snakes. [Neutral]
  • Parsnik's snakes shift to change hairstyles. Mohawk. Ponytail. Undercut. [Neutral]
  • You tried to eat Parsnik, but it wasn't weakened enough. [Devour, High HP]
  • You start eating snakes like they're spaghetti. You recovered 5 HP! [Devour, Low HP]
  • Parsnik mishears you and fires a series of tasty snakes. [Snack]
  • The snakes are wilting. [Low HP]


  • Parsnik's name comes from parsnip, a root vegetable that Parsnik resembles, and the suffix -ic, which parallels the suffix -oid in Vegetoid's name.
  • Its appearance is likely a reference to Medusa.