(Happiness is fleeting.) (You got a Punch Card.)

Text upon retrieving a Punch Card from the box

The Punch Card is an item obtainable when buying Nice Cream from the Nice Cream Guy in Waterfall. It appears to be an index card with a hole punched in it, begging the protagonist to come back and buy more Nice Cream. If the Tough Glove is equipped, using the Punch Card in battle allows the protagonist to deal more damage. Three Punch Cards can be redeemed for a Nice Cream.


  • When the protagonist collects a card, a string of text displays that varies based on the number of cards in the box:
    • 0: (It's a box for storing Punch Cards.) (It's empty right now)
    • 1~2: (The box contains X cards.) (You got a Punch Card.)
    • 3~4: (Two bugs in the box are playing a X-card game.) (All games must end one day.)
    • 5~6: (There's a smiley face made of X cards in the box.) (Happiness is fleeting.)
    • 7~12: (A house made of X cards sits in the box.) (The house collapses.)
    • 13 or more: (The box is overstuffed with cards.) (You got a Punch Card.)
  • There is a glitch called the "Punch Card Exploit" or "PCE" that allows the protagonist to walk during cutscenes. It also allows them to launch "out of bounds" if used on the trigger of a steam vent in Hotland and can skip the Mettaton EX battle in the CORE. It can also be used to transport the protagonist into an incorrect position in a room.
  • Since the Punch Card can be sold for up to 21G, the protagonist can buy a Nice Cream by selling only one or two Punch Cards.
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