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Hot!! HOT!! Hotter!! HOTTER!!


Pyrope is a mischievous, heat-loving enemy that the protagonist can encounter in Hotland.



Pyrope's head appears to be burning with a mischievous smile on its face. Its body consists of rope and on the bottom of its body is what appears to be its legs.


Pyrope likes heat and never feels warm enough. It becomes increasingly excited when the protagonist cranks up the thermostat.

In Battle

Appears With

  • Pyrope


  • Bombs drop into the Bullet Board from all sides. They bounce around and explode when hitting the sides of the Bullet Board.
  • Rope with a burning fire travels horizontally from right to left. The fire is orange, which means that the SOUL must run through the fire to avoid taking damage.


A double Pyrope encounter.

  • Selecting the Cool Down option first permanently lowers Pyrope's AT.
  • To spare, Heat Up at least twice.


  • Is it cold in here? [Neutral]
  • Burn, baby. BURN! [Neutral]
  • Hot enough for ya!? [Neutral]
  • Feel the heat. [Neutral]
  • BRRRR! What's the deal!? [Cool down]
  • Hot!! HOT!! Hotter!! HOTTER!! [Heat up]
  • Sorry!! I'm all tied up!! [Invite]

Flavor Text

  • This mischievous monster is never warm enough. [Check]
  • Pyrope bounds towards you! [Encounter]
  • The rare and threatening Double Davis. [Encounter with another Pyrope]
  • Pyrope is pretending to pull the fire alarm. [Neutral]
  • Pyrope is chuckling through its teeth. [Neutral]
  • Smells like rope burn. [Neutral]
  • Pyrope is pretending to be a candle. [Neutral]
  • Pyrope is protected by its winsome smile. [Neutral]
  • You blow on Pyrope. Its flames die down. Pyrope's ATTACK dropped! [Cool down]
  • You crank up the thermostat. Pyrope begins to get excited. [Heat up]
  • Pyrope wants more heat. [Neutral after Heat up]
  • You crank up the thermostat. It's super hot! Pyrope looks satisfied. [Heat up x2]
  • The room is sweltering! [Neutral after Heat up x2]
  • You crank up the thermostat. It's soooo hot! [Heat up x3]
  • You invite Pyrope to hang out. [Invite]


  • Pyrope's name can be seen as a portmanteau of pyro (Greek for fire) and rope. However, since pyrope (from the Greek words for fire and eye) is also the name of a dark red gemstone in real life, a variety of garnet, it is more likely that Pyrope's appearance is a play on its name rather than the other way around.
    • Pyrope also shares a name with (and may be referencing) Terezi Pyrope from Homestuck, which is a webcomic that Toby Fox produced music for.
    • Pyrope's name and appearance may also be a play on the term "rope burn".

The screen can get very distorted if the Heat Up option is selected over and over.

  • Pyrope is one of the few monsters who rewards more GOLD if the protagonist spares it instead of killing it.
  • Pyrope is the only randomly encountered enemy that uses orange attacks.
  • Though there is no limit to how many times the protagonist can select the Heat Up ACT, the screen will no longer become more distorted after selecting it enough times.