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Knowing the mouse might one day extract the cheese from the mystical crystal... It fills you with determination.

SAVE Point message in the "Crystal" room.

Quiet Water is the 33rd track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It is primarily based on the Ruins theme. This track plays in parts of Waterfall that are more populated, be that near Gerson or the Nice Cream Guy. It also plays in Hotland in Muffet's Spider Bake Sale.

Like most of the music tracks within Undertale, this song is also profusely slowed down (played at 50% speed instead of 90%) during the Genocide Route.


  • The version in the file mus_waterquiet.ogg is stored at 10/9 (11.11% increased) speed. To normalize this, the game plays it at 9/10 (10% reduced) speed by default.
  • The full speed track (as in the OST) would need to be played at 5/9 (44.44% reduced) speed to match the Genocide version.
  • The background chord appears to be based on the default error sound from Windows 10, slowed down by 1/3rd and with an echo added to it.[1]


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