For the area with the same name, see Ruins.

The shadow of the ruins looms above, filling you with determination.

SAVE Point in the Ruins

Ruins is the 5th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays while the protagonist travels through the Ruins or 38% slower as "An Ending" after defeating Photoshop Flowey.


  • This song has similar instrumentation and feeling to "Fortress of Ancient Dragons" from Chrono Cross. As both songs play in ancient ruins, it might have served as an inspiration.
  • If you speed the song up by 2x, it sounds very similar to Spear of Justice and NGAHHH!!
  • Ruins appears in tracks such as Waterfall, Spear of Justice and An Ending, among many others.
  • There is an unused version of this track, called mus_ruinspiano. It is a slower piano version of Ruins.
  • The OST version lacks the very last note that plays before the song repeats in the game.
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