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The Snowdin Shopkeeper is a vendor located in Snowdin.



Snowdin Shopkeeper concept art

The Snowdin Shopkeeper appears to be a purple bunny, although this may be due to lighting. She wears a tank top, small necklace, and summer hat. The shop itself is a brightly lit, orange store, with shelves of materials and wares.

On the Genocide Route, she is absent from her store once the kill counter for Snowdin Forest has been exhausted before the protagonist reaches Snowdin. The protagonist can take all her wares for free, as well as steal 758G from the till. She leaves a note for the protagonist, reading simply "Please don't hurt my family."

The design of this character and her shop was done by Temmie Chang.[1]


Neutral and True Pacifist Route

The following dropdown may contain spoilers.
  • Hello, traveller.
  • How can I help you?
    Upon exiting a menu
    • Take your time.
  • What would you like to buy? [While purchasing]
  • Thanks for your purchase. [On purchase]
  • Just looking? [Refusing to purchase]
  • You're carrying too much. [Full inventory]
  • That's not enough money. [Not enough G]
  • Huh?
  • Sell somethin'?
  • Does this look like a pawn shop?
  • I don't know how it works where you come from... but...
  • If I started spending money on old branches and used bandages, I'd be out of business in a jiffy!
    Trying to sell again
    • If you're really hurtin' for cash, then maybe you could do some crowdfunding.
    • I hear people will pay for ANYTHING nowadays.
  • Care to chat?
    [Say hello]
    • Hiya! Welcome to Snowdin!
    • I can't remember the last time I saw a fresh face around here.
    • Where did you come from?
    • The capital?
    • You don't look like a tourist.
    • Are you here by yourself?
    [What to do here]
    • You want to know what to do here in Snowdin?
    • Grillby's has food, and the library has information...
    • If you're tired, you can take a nap at the inn.
    • It's right next door - my sister runs it.
    • And if you're bored, you can sit outside and watch those wacky skeletons do their thing.
    • There's two of 'em...
    • Brothers, I think.
    • They just showed up one day and...
    • ... asserted themselves.
    • The town has gotten a lot more interesting since then.
    [Town history]
    • Think back to your history class...
    • A long time ago, monsters lived in the RUINS back there in the forest.
    • Long story short, we all decided to leave the ruins and head for the end of the caverns.
    • Along the way, some fuzzy folk decided they liked the cold and set up camp in Snowdin.
    • Oh, and don't think about trying to explore the RUINS...
    • The door's been locked for ages.
    • So unless you're a ghost or can burrow under the door, forget about it.
    [Your life]
    • Life is the same as usual.
    • A little claustrophobic...
    • But... we all know deep down that freedom is coming, don't we?
    • As long as we got that hope, we can grit our teeth and face the same struggles, day after day...
    • That's life, ain't it?
  • Bye now!
  • Come again sometime!


The following dropdown may contain spoilers.
  • Care to chat?
    [What happened]
    • I mean, it happened to you, right?
    • There was a strange flash of white light...
    • Then I felt my body being pulled into...something.
    • Then, suddenly, everything was back to normal.
    • I heard that it was all 'cause a human came through here.
    • A human...
    • I can hardly believe it!
    • Well if they decide to stop in, I'll be sure to give them a hero's welcome.
    • Didja hear?
    • The RUINS have been opened up, and get this...
    • They were opened from the INSIDE.
    • Apparently the Queen had been staying inside there for God knows how long.
    • Pretty unbelievable, huh!?
    • Well, I suppose I'll move my store to the overworld...
    • ... haven't planned much more than that, I'm afraid.


  • In Monster Kid's tarot card, she is shown to be purple outside of her shop.
  • The lines said by the Shopkeeper if the protagonist repeatedly tries to sell items may be a joking reference to the Undertale Kickstarter, a crowdfunding campaign for the game.


  1. This is one of the shop pixel screens I did for Undertale!! Prolly one of my fav things I did besides the cutscene sequences/prologue. The bottom one is a concept art I made before doin the pixel. - Temmie Chang Tumblr