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Snowdrake (nicknamed "Snowy" by his mother and friend Chilldrake) is a monster encountered in Snowdin Forest. The protagonist may later encounter him as an NPC near Papyrus's sentry station.



As his name implies, Snowdrake is a drake (male duck) with a snowflake-like design. His face is arranged to resemble a snowflake with feathers sticking out symmetrically in certain locations. He also appears to be vaguely draconic, such as having teeth in his beak and a scaly belly, possibly because drake is also a word for dragon.

Snowdrake is light blue on the entirety of his body, excluding his beak, eyes, underbelly, and feet, all of which are yellow. Snowdrake has markings on both of his eyes that differ in comparison to each other.


Just as Snowdrake's Check implies, "This teen comedian fights to keep a captive audience." Throughout a battle, Snowdrake constantly makes puns in an attempt to, at the very least, entertain the protagonist and get recognition from them (unless an action is taken that triggers another response). The protagonist can spare Snowdrake by laughing at one of his puns, which makes him proud. Conversely, if the protagonist tells a joke to him, he berates them for their "unfunny" or "unoriginal" joke[s] out of jealousy, even though Ice Cap and Jerry both find it funny if they are present. If Ice Cap and/or Jerry are present, he attempts to persuade them that his jokes are better.

Snowdrake seems to be easily offended. If the protagonist laughs before he tells a joke, he emphasizes the word "you" when asking the protagonist why they are laughing. His fragile ego is further shown if the protagonist heckles Snowdrake. Should the protagonist Heckle, there is a 1/6 chance that Snowdrake feels defeated and is immediately spared.

Main Story

True Pacifist Route

In the True Lab, Snowdrake's missing mother can be found. In the epilogue, Snowdrake can be seen with his father and mother near Papyrus's sentry station in Snowdin Forest.

In Battle

Appears With


  • Crescent-shaped projectiles fly toward the protagonist's SOUL. They either move in a parabolic way, or in numerous straight lines.


  • To spare Snowdrake, the protagonist must first perform a neutral action (like Checking or using an item) to get him to tell a joke, and then Laugh at the joke.
  • Snowdrake can also be spared by being Heckled, with a 1/6 chance.
    • The text "You tell the Snowdrake that no one will ever love them the way they are...They struggle to make a retort, and slink away utterly crushed..." appears, and Snowdrake is automatically spared (similar to how Whimsun is spared if consoled).
  • If other monsters are present, Joking on Snowdrake causes them to laugh at the protagonist's bad ice pun, leaving Snowdrake upset. This reaction allows the other monsters to be spared.


  • M.. m.. macaroni and "freeze" [Neutral]
  • "Ice" to meet you. [Neutral]
  • "Chill" out... [Neutral]
  • Fights you in "cold" blood. [Neutral]
  • My fave ice cereals: "frosted" [Neutral]
  • Ice puns are "snow" problem [Neutral]
  • Better not "snow" flake out! [Neutral]
  • Is that s'posed to be funny? [Joke]
  • Ha... Ha... Nice try. [Joke]
  • I've heard that one. [Joke]
  • That's not like me... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • I don't do it that way... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • It's better when I do it... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • Do I really... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • Hey... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • Guys... guys... [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • THIS won't be funny either! [Heckle]
  • (Insults towards humans) [Heckle]
  • Is your flesh rotten as you? [Heckle]
  • What are YOU laughin' at?!? [Laugh before Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • See!? Laughs! Dad was wrong! [Laugh after Snowdrake tells a joke - Always used the first time per file]
  • You have good taste!! (in jokes) [Laugh after Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • Thanks, you're all great. [Laugh after Snowdrake tells a joke]

Flavor Text

  • This teen comedian fights to keep a captive audience. [Check]
  • Snowdrake flutters forth! [Encounter]
  • Icecap and Snowdrake pose like bad guys. [Encounter with Ice Cap]
  • Icecap and Snowdrake confront you, sighing. Jerry. [Encounter with Ice Cap and Jerry]
  • Snowdrake realized its own name is a pun and is freaking out. [Neutral]
  • It smells like a wet pillow. [Neutral]
  • Snowdrake is assessing the crowd. [Neutral]
  • Snowdrake is smiling at its own bad joke. [Neutral after Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • Snowdrake is practicing its next pun. [Neutral after Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • You make a bad ice pun. [Joke]
  • You make a bad ice pun. The other monsters think it's hilarious. [Joke when other monsters are present]
  • Snowdrake is puffed up.. [Neutral, after Joke when other monsters are present]
  • You boo the Snowdrake. [Heckle, 50% chance]
  • You tell the Snowdrake that they aren't funny. [Heckle, 33% chance]
  • You tell the Snowdrake that no one will ever love them the way they are... | They struggle to make a retort, and slink away utterly crushed... [Heckle, 17% chance]
  • You laugh at Snowdrake's pun. [Laugh]
  • You laugh at Snowdrake before it says anything funny. [Laugh before Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • Snowdrake is pleased with its "cool" joke. [Neutral, after laugh after Snowdrake tells a joke]
  • Snowdrake is flaking apart. [Low HP]


  • Snowdrake's name is a pun on the words snowflake and drake.
  • Snowdrake was designed by Magnolia Porter, creator of Monster Pulse. She also designed Monster Kid, Ice Cap, Jerry, and helped design Gyftrot.
  • Snowdrake can only be killed once; any further encounters are replaced with the mechanically-identical Chilldrake, searching for its (now dead) friend.
    • Likely due to their similar codes, a common glitch makes the encounter text for Chilldrake refer to it as Snowdrake if it comes in a party including Icecap and Jerry.[1]
  • Snowdrake mentions that his father was wrong about him being unfunny. Later in the game, it is revealed that his father hated his puns and jokes but wanted to apologize for that.
  • Once the River Person's boat is unlocked, speaking to Chilldrake shows that the other teens have to share their lunchbox food with Snowdrake, as he ran away from home. Also, Snowdrake can be seen near Papyrus's sentry station, and if spoken to, says that he ran away because his father was 'cold' to him. "(WHAT?! That's a JOKE! Laugh at it!)."
  • It can be assumed that Snowdrake was among the teens responsible for decorating Gyftrot, as one of the various items that can be removed from the deer monster is a childhood photo of him with his mother.
  • Snowdrake is referred to with three different pronouns in various parts of the game. Snowdrake is called "it" and "they" in battle, but in MTT resort, his father refers to him as a male, with masculine pronouns and use of the word "son."
    • Also, Snowdrake's flavor text sometimes calls him "the Snowdrake," possibly implying that there is more than one Snowdrake. This is supported in New Home, as a group of Snowdrake-like monsters are among the monsters that tell the story of Asriel and the first human.
  • If Snowdrake is not killed at some point during the Genocide Route before the kill counter in Snowdin is exhausted, the Genocide Route is aborted, as said by the text when SAVING.[2]


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