For the character with the same nickname, see Snowdrake.

North: Ice South: Ice West: Ice
East: Snowdin Town
(... and ice)

Sign in Snowdin Forest

Snowy is the 17th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. This song plays while the protagonist traverses Snowdin Forest, the wilderness to the west of Snowdin.

The OST version is slightly faster. On the True Pacifist Route, a distorted version of this track plays as the protagonist fights Snowdrake's Mother in the True Lab.

While it is noticeably slowed down during a Genocide Route, its speed changes after certain actions on every route. Snowy plays slowly after the protagonist meets Sans and Papyrus, but its speed increases after the electric maze puzzle and the junior jumble puzzle. Its speed also differs after Papyrus realizes the protagonist is a human.

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