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Come eat food made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!

Bake sale advertisement

The Spider Bake Sale is a small vendor and fundraising event found in the Ruins and Hotland.


  • In the Ruins, Spider Donuts can be bought for 7G each and Spider Ciders for 18G each.
  • In Hotland, Spider Donuts and Spider Ciders can be bought for 9999G each.

Main Story

Neutral Route

In the Hotland Spider Bake Sale, Muffet can be found and interacted with before fighting her. Additionally, the Scared Donut Guy is present here, complaining about having spent all of his money.

During the fight against Muffet, she reveals that the Spider Bake Sale is a fundraising event aiming to raise money in order to rescue the spiders trapped in the Ruins; she mentions the cold climate of Snowdin being fatal to them. She traps the protagonist, claiming that they were too stingy with their money to buy anything, and attempts to kill them due to the extra money promised to her. At the end of the battle, she receives a telegram from the spiders in the Ruins, and they either confirm that the protagonist is stingy, or they inform her that they helped donate to the cause.

If the protagonist buys an item from the Ruins Spider Bake Sale and uses it during the fight against Muffet, she receives the telegram right then and is immediately made spareable. If the protagonist buys an item from Hotland's Spider Bake Sale, Muffet does not engage in a fight with them.

Genocide Route

Muffet and the Scared Donut Guy are absent from the Hotland Spider Bake Sale. A slowed down version of Quiet Water is played here, but if the protagonist triggers the "But nobody came" message in Waterfall, mus_toomuch.ogg is played instead.

Buying an item from the Hotland Spider Bake Sale does not prevent the fight against Muffet. She acknowledges the protagonist’s generosity but is still suspicious of them and engages them in a fight regardless.


A large and small spider web and a sign that reads "Spider Bake Sale All proceeds go to real spiders." characterize the Spider Bake Sales.


The Spider Bake Sale in the Ruins is one room to the right of where the protagonist meets Napstablook for the first time. It is a small, rectangular room with two webs and a sign. The smallest web can be interacted with in order to buy a Spider Donut and the bigger one can be interacted with in order to buy a Spider Cider.


Hotland's bake sale is larger than the one in the Ruins. Along with the webs and sign, it comes with a table that has a Spider Donut and a croissant on it, neither of which the protagonist can buy. They are described as rubbery or fake.

Flavor Text

  • Leave 7G in the web? – Spider Donut (Ruins)
  • Leave 18G in the web? – Spider Cider (Ruins)
  • Buy a Spider Donut for 9999G? – Spider Donut (Hotland)
  • Buy a Spider Cider for 9999G? – Spider Cider (Hotland)