Come eat food made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!

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The Spider Bake Sale is a small vendor and fundraising event found in the Ruins and Hotland.


A large and small spider web and a sign that reads "Spider Bake Sale All proceeds go to real spiders." characterize the Spider Bake Sales.


The spider bake sale in the Ruins is one room to the right of where the protagonist meets Napstablook for the first time. It is a small, rectangular room with two webs and a sign. The smallest web can be interacted with in order to buy a Spider Donut and the bigger one can be interacted with in order to buy a Spider Cider.


Hotland's bake sale is bigger than the one in the Ruins. Along with the webs and sign, it comes with a table that has a Spider Donut and a croissant on it, neither of which the protagonist can buy. They are described as rubbery or fake.

In True Pacifist and Neutral routes, the protagonist is able to interact with Muffet at the bake sale before fighting her. In the Genocide Route, Muffet and the spiders leave the bake sale before the protagonist arrives.


  • Leave 7G in the web? – Spider Donut (Ruins)
  • Leave 18G in the web? – Spider Cider (Ruins)
  • Buy a Spider Donut for 9999G? – Spider Donut (Hotland)
  • Buy a Spider Cider for 9999G? – Spider Cider (Hotland)


Product UT spiderbakesale poster main 1024x1024 cr

The flyer sold as Undertale merch

  • If the protagonist buys the Spider Donut or Spider Cider sold at the Ruins Spider Bake Sale and uses it during Muffet's fight, it will end the fight immediately.
  • If the protagonist buys an item from Hotland's Spider Bake Sale, Muffet will not engage in a fight with them.
    • If the protagonist buys the Spider Donut or Spider Cider from the Spider Bake Sale in Hotland on the Genocide Route, Muffet will acknowledge the generosity but engage in a fight regardless.
  • The Spider Bake Sale in Hotland is supporting the colony of spiders that Muffet says are trapped within the Ruins due to the cold climate of Snowdin blocking the way.
  • When checking the croissant, the text reads, "It looks like some sort of powerful bracelet..." This quote may be a reference to the power bracelet from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages, which looks like a croissant.
  • The spider web at the bottom right corner of Napstablook's house has a bake sale flyer on it.
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