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a classic spooktune...
they don't make songs like this anymore...


Spooktune is the 38th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It is in the first CD found in Napstablook's house. The song continues playing after exiting their house. This (as well as Spookwave and Ghouliday) can trigger an event where the protagonist encounters Aaron and Woshua, who are too scared to fight due to the spooky music. It consists of a single sample.


  • The game data file names this song "mus_spoopy.ogg," a reference to the infamous "spoopy" meme.
  • The song may also be a reference to the "Happy H. Christmas" which is often accompanied by an image of a ghost with the text, "It is a Mystery."
  • If the protagonist decides not to play Spooktunes when given the opportunity, the narration says that "spooktunes are dead."
  • The Hiveswap official soundtrack, another Toby Fox work, has a track titled B-SIDE - SPOOKTUNE, which is a remix of the like-named Undertale track.