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Start Menu is the 2nd track in the Undertale Soundtrack and the Undertale Demo OST (where it is called "Menu.") It plays whenever the player is viewing a new file.

After the player views the True Pacifist Ending Credits and gains the option to do a True Reset, this track plays at x0.1 speed.[1]


There are seven variations of this track. Only two of these variations are included in the official Undertale Soundtrack: Start Menu, and Menu (Full). Menu (Full) plays at the end of the True Pacifist Route but before viewing the credits.

Every subsequent iteration of this track adds instrumentals directly related to how many characters the protagonist befriends.

Image Audio Description
Start Menu soundtrack.gif
Default, contains only square wave melody, and a noise channel imitating a snare drum.
Menu screenshot 1.png
Met Flowey, adds syncopated bassline from the source material, Once Upon a Time.
Menu screenshot 2.png
Spared Toriel, adds a piano harmonizing the melody, and doubles the bassline.
Menu screenshot 3.gif
Befriended Papyrus, adds more square waves to the harmony, and adds bongos.
Menu screenshot 4.gif
Befriended Undyne, adds strings doubling the piano's part, and adds claves.
Menu screenshot 5.gif
Befriended Alphys, adds glockenspiel doubling the melody.
Menu (Full) soundtrack.png
Saved Asriel Dreemurr. Adds sustained strings, and counter-melodies from the piano. It also quotes the C section from Once Upon a Time, from 0:21-0:32. mus_menu6 also acts as a separate track in the OST, Menu (Full).


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