You throw the stick. Mettaton catches it with his mouth and winks.

Text upon using the stick during Mettaton's fight

The Stick is a weapon item equipped at the beginning of the game. Its defensive counterpart is the Bandage. It provides no statistical improvement. Once unequipped, it cannot be reequipped, but it can be used against certain enemies with differing results.

Additional Uses

  • Using the stick against any dog enemy (including Endogeny) immediately ends the fight.
  • If used against Papyrus, he fetches it.
  • Using it against Madjick makes them think of the protagonist as a fellow wizard, allowing for it to be spared.
  • The first time using it during Mettaton's fight rewards 700 rating points.
    • If used during the final stage of the fight, when he has been reduced to just his head and torso, the reward is 1400 rating points instead.
    • However, if used any more times, it only gives 1 rating point.
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