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For the track with the same name, see Tem Shop (Soundtrack).

hOI! welcom to... da TEM SHOP!!!

Tem Shop Owner

The Tem Shop is a vendor found in Temmie Village, which is hidden in Waterfall. It is known as the only vendor in the game willing to purchase items from the protagonist.



The Temmie Shopkeeper has the same basic appearance as all other Temmies in-game, with a few exceptions: light gray instead of black hair as well as a different hairstyle, and a sky blue and yellow striped shirt instead of a solid Pacific Blue shirt. When the Temmie Shopkeeper is paid to go to college, she dons a black graduation cap.

The Shop itself shelves a branch with a leaf, a bone, a glowing purple potion and two single socks, both very different in size and design. On top of a couple of what seems to be cardboard boxes, a picture of the Annoying Dog can be seen. Although these items are displayed for purchase, they are unobtainable in the real game and serve no purpose rather than decoration. The shop's "counter" is also just a cardboard box with the words "TEM SHOP" on its side facing the protagonist, matching the colors and clothes of the Tem Shop owner.


The Temmie Shopkeeper, like most Temmies, speaks with incorrect capitalization and spelling. Though there are various dialogue options, she typically says simply "hOI" to each, only noting the topic's existence when the protagonist asks about it (for example, if the protagonist asks about the shop, the Temmie Shopkeeper only recommends that the protagonist goes there). Unlike most other Temmies, when the protagonist refuses to sell an item after she raises the price twice, she speaks in perfect and fluent English.

Main Story

Neutral and True Pacifist Route

Main article: Temmie Village

The Tem Shop, located in Temmie Village, is hidden from the rest of Waterfall and is only accessible from a southern path in the Mushroom room of Waterfall which only lights up when all four mushrooms are lit (located east of Gerson's Shop). The Temmie Village's existence is only noted by Gerson, who recommends the protagonist go to Temmie Village when attempting to sell an item to him,[1] the River Person, who gives the protagonist a hint on how to get there,[2] and Undyne, who tells the protagonist how to get there, but recommends that they do not.[3]

The Tem Shop is the most efficient way in the game to obtain large amounts of GOLD. While selling items to the Temmie Shopkeeper, for every eighth item sold she finds a sudden liking to the item being sold and offers a higher price for the item. If the protagonist denies selling the item, she puts up an even higher price. It is here that the protagonist should sell the item as it is the highest price they can get for it. If declined further, the Temmie Shopkeeper berates the protagonist in proper English, and the item is not sold.

Genocide Route

The Temmie Shopkeeper's dialogue and overall demeanor remain unchanged by the protagonist's killing spree throughout the Underground; they buy and sell items per usual. The only differences between the routes are her wares (She sells "premiem" Temmie Flakes instead of "tem pay 4 colleg") and the music that plays while in the shop (slowed down, like other tracks on the Genocide Route). Since it is impossible to pay for the Temmie Shopkeeper's college in this route, the protagonist cannot obtain the Temmie Armor.


  • hOI!
  • welcom to...
  • da TEM SHOP!!!
    [Buying an item]
    • thanks PURCHASE!
    [Refusing to buy an item]
    • fdshfg
    [If inventory is full]
    • WAO!!! bag... FULLS!
    [Not enough GOLD]
    • you don hav da muns,
    [Buying "tem pay 4 colleg"]
    • WOA!!
    • thas ALOT o muns...
    • can tem realy acepts...
    • OKs!!!!
    • tem go to colleg and make u prouds!!!
    • tem bak from cool leg,
    • tem learn MANY THINs, learn to sell new ITEM!
    • yayA!!!
  • tem buy <item>s for...<price>G!
    [When selling an item the Temmie Shopkeeper decides she really wants]
    • WOA!!
    • u gota... <item>s!!!
    • hnnn....
    • I gota have dat <item>s...
      • but I gota pay for colleg, [If the protagonist has not paid for Temmie's "colleg"]
      • but I gota pay for gradskool, [If the protagonist has paid for Temmie's "colleg"]
    • hnnnn....!!!
    • tem always wanna <item>s!!!...!
    (Temmie offers a slightly-above-market price for the item)
    [Refusing to sell the item she wants the first time]
    • b...but...
    • p!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • (Temmie offers an even higher amount than the first time.)
      • You will regret this. [Refusing to sell an item the second time]
      • Is this a joke? Are you having a chuckle? Ha ha, very funny. I'm the one with a degree. [Refusing to sell an item the second time after Temmie has graduated from college]
    • no more item... [When trying to sell items with no items in inventory]
  • [Say Hello]
    • hOI!
    • i'm temmie
    [About Yourself]
    • hOI!
    • i'm temmie
    [Tem History]
    • us tems have a DEEP HISTORY!!!
    [Tem History (If tem pay 4 colleg bought)]
    • yaYA!!!
    • tem got degree in TEM STUDIES!
    • tem can tell you all about tem's DEEP HISTORY!!!
    [About Shop]
    • yaYA!!!
    • go to TEM SHOP!!!
    [About Temmie Armor (Only appears after tem pay 4 colleg is purchased)]
    • tem armor so GOOds!
    • any battle becom!
    • a EASY victories!!!
    • but, hnn, tem think...
    • if u use armors, battles wouldn b a challenge anymores,
    • but tem...
    • have a solushun!
    • tem will offer...
    • if u lose a lot of battles, tem wil LOWER THE PRICE!
    • so if you get to TOUGH BATTLE and feel FRUSTRATE, can buy TEM armor as last resort!
    • but tem armor so goods, promise to only buy if you really needs it,
    [If the price is lowered]
    • in fack...
    • WOA!!!
    • Congra-tem-lations!!!
  • bOI!


  • "Tem Shop" is a play on "Item Shop," commonly found in RPG games.
  • The bottle on the shelf may be a reference to Temmie Chang's thesis film, Potion Shop.
  • The Temmie Shopkeeper is the only shopkeeper that has the same dialogue during the Neutral Route, True Pacifist Route, and the Genocide Route.
  • Normally, the Temmie Shopkeeper offers a higher price for the first item sold, then every eighth item after that. The Shopkeeper offers to buy the item at its original price + 1, then its final offer is ((its original price + 1) * 1.25) + 1, rounded up. If these offers are refused, it takes nine items rather than eight before the next time this happens. Selling Temmie Flakes does not add to the counter; however, the first time Temmie Flakes are offered, the counter is reset and higher amounts are offered.
  • When the Temmie Shopkeeper leaves for college, her face and drink steam are left floating in midair.
  • Since the Temmie Shopkeeper offers a "skolarship" to reduce the price of the Tem Armor every time the protagonist dies, she might be one of the only characters in Undertale who are aware of the protagonist's ability to SAVE, with the others being Flowey and Sans.


  1. Though, I've heard if you want to sell stuff, the Temmie Village is your best bet. Where is it? ... I don't remember. - Gerson
  2. Tra la la... Temmie village. The room before the darkening lantern room. Tra la la. - River Person
  3. I mean, the path to Temmie Village is never lit up here. But why would you wanna go there!? It's down south if you want to avoid it. - Undyne