Temmie Flakes are a consumable item sold at the Tem Shop.

Additional uses

  • Feeding a Temmie Temmie Flakes in battle results in Temmie becoming spareable.


  • Temmie sells 4 "varieties" but they are all identical once purchased: recover 2 HP, sell for 2G.
  • The "Premiem" Temmie Flakes are only available on the Genocide Route, taking the place of Temmie Armor.
  • If the protagonist refuses to give Temmie tem flakes after selecting the option in the ACT menu, Temmie becomes aggressive and exclaims "Can't blame a bark for tryin...."
  • If the protagonist was named "Temmie" and used Temmie Flakes in version 1.00, they would heal 5 HP.
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