For the track of the same name, see Temmie Village (Soundtrack).

hOI!!! welcom to... TEM VILLAGE!!!

Sign when entering Temmie Village

Temmie Village is a small, elusive region within Waterfall that is comprised of two rooms. The village is home to many Temmies, notable for their quirkiness and affected English speech. The village also includes the Tem Shop, which is the only shop in the game that allows the protagonist to sell items.


Temmie Village can be found after the lowermost set of mushrooms is lit in the fluorescent mushroom room (directly before the room with the dimming crystal lights). The entrance to the village is at the bottom right of the room. This path is dark when the protagonist first encounters it and becomes lit after they progress further through Waterfall, regardless of whether or not the village was encountered before.

The River Person, Undyne, and a sign near the save point by Napstablook's house hints about this unlit path. Gerson mentions the village as a location to sell items, although he cannot remember where it is. Undyne tells the protagonist where Temmie Village is if they call her, but advises the protagonist to avoid it. The River Person gives a small hint on the Temmie Village's location, saying it is in the "room before the darkening lantern room."


Temmie Village has the same overall visual theme as the rest of Waterfall: a dark cavern with purple tones. It has a cheery musical theme, and several Temmies, Bob, and Ragel the mushroom populate it. The village also has a statue of "Tem", and a vendor inside of the Tem Shop.

In the Genocide Route, the village is evacuated except for the Tem Shop's shopkeeper and the Temmie that watches through a hole in the far-right wall.



A Temmie riding a dragon.

Temmie Village is said to have a very deep history though it is never explained. If the Tem Shopkeeper is sent to college, she will say she can elaborate on their history, but only that.


  • The SAVE point says "detemmienation" instead of "determination."

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