The Torn Notebook is a weapon item sold by Gerson in Waterfall. Its defensive counterpart is the Cloudy Glasses. It has a low attack power, but it increases the number of invulnerability frames the protagonist has, making it a useful defensive weapon. When paired with the Cloudy Glasses, it almost guarantees that the protagonist can only be hit one to two times from an enemy attack.

When attacking with it, two bars appear instead of one. Hitting a bar exactly in the center causes it to flash gold while missing a bar causes it to flash red. The attack animation has a notebook spinning around sideways counterclockwise, ending in a star-pattern shockwave. Hitting both bars in the center causes the attack animation to appear golden, which increases damage.


  • The item check for both the Torn Notebook and the Cloudy Glasses explains what INV means in parentheses after the initial statistic check to help players understand its use (since INV could be misinterpreted as "inventory," for added inventory space.)
  • During the Sans fight, it does not increase invulnerability frames. However, it does slow KARMA somewhat significantly when it is in lower amounts.

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