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Watching Man

The Watching Man appears to be a white Amalgamate with a spoon-like head and one long long arm with seemingly no fingers. This character does not appear to have any visible facial features or legs.

This NPC can only be seen in the True Pacifist Route, where the True Lab is unlocked. One bed in the lab has the covers pulled off; climbing into it triggers this NPC to appear at the bedside after a few seconds. Their arm slowly reaches toward the protagonist in a menacing manner. As soon as it gets close enough, the Watching Man pulls the covers over the protagonist and then pats them on the head. They then fade to nothingness. No dialogue exchange is made during their interaction.

Shower Creature

The Shower Creature appears to be an unseen Amalgamate whom was taking a shower that held the Green Key. They appear to be similar to that of the Watching Man, with a slender body and a ovular head, making a spoon-like shape.

After the protagonist enters a room with a shower at the end, they see this figure dancing behind it. It sways faster and faster as the protagonist gets closer, but opening the shower causes the creature to vanish before they are seen behind the curtain. In their place is the Green Key that the protagonist needs in order to progress through the True Lab.


The "man" interact dialogue

  • Entering the room with refrigerators (where Snowdrake's Mother is encountered) before removing the room's fog leads the protagonist to feel around the room rather than look. In the place of one refrigerator is something "warm and moist", and in place of another, something "in the shape of a man". Later, upon coming back into this room, one of the refrigerators is shaking, but nothing is inside. It is possible that the body was either Snowdrake's Mother or some other character entirely, most likely one of the NPCs listed above.
  • Originally, Toby planned to have an amalgamate version of Jester NPCs similar to Nacarat Jester, but these were cut because he "forgot to" add them.[1]

  1. Originally there was going to be a frowning demon NPC later in the game. I have no idea why I didn't do this. I think I forgot to. Also, there was going to be an amalgamate version. - UNDERTALE Art Book, page 179